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New data reveals that while Trump is on course to lose the election he doing so on a much stronger footing than any president who held the office before him, whether Democratic or Republican. The Trump campaign is losing on a smaller margin than existed in the Bush Gore campaign of 2000. This indicates there is very strong and widespread support for Trumpism across in the entire country and even here in Whittier California. Based on this, we can see that Trumpism is not going away and that it will be with us for at least the next century or so.

Trump remains a national folk hero the majority populations of most US state and in several, legislators have opened proposed putting up statues in his honor or naming roads after him.

At this point the electoral map is only 296 for Biden and 242 for Trump which is strong showing for a losing candidate that the other side claims is 99% popular with "everyone in America." This means that Trump is walking away with 46% of the electoral college vote even if he didn't get the majority.

For their part, Biden and the Democrats will have to figure out how to graciously accept their victory without upsetting the hundreds of Trump supporters who remain very much able to block the Democratic Party's national agenda and they could do that by remembering they did not get a national mandate for anything this year. Clearly the Senate Republicans did not get a mandate for anything either. Instead what we got a national stalemate.

The process continues to be dragged out with remaining votes counted, recounts being conducted and lawsuits being heard by courts and people making accusations of voter fraud which, whether true or not is really just another traditional part of the process and it all comes together to prove the US has the best and the strongest elections system of all the countries on planet earth.

Biden for his part has actually been quite subdued in victory and is expected to speak this evening if he hasn't already. The Biden campaign while already planning its transition is not calling for national victory parties but has instead focused on telling Americans to be patient with the process.

In the meantime, the FBI has arrested several people in Portland on charges of being part of an Iranian plot to carry out a terrorist attack there under the guise of rioters. Apparently they found evidence the would be attackers wanted to pin the attacks on the protesters in order to spark an open civil war in the US.

In Michigan, a source has told us that 3 Iranian agents were arrested after the FBI was informed they getting ready to use a gathering of right wing militias as cover to bomb the state's capital this evening. The FBI has recovered evidence they were planning to scapegoat the militias for the attacks. They seemed to have motivated by the same thing the would be Portland attackers were motivated by: to provoke an open civil war among Americans.

Neither the Portland protesters nor the members of the militias in Michigan were aware of the plots against them.

And both the UK and Mexico have released statements regarding comments made other countries, particularly Germany which has said that Trump should have stepped down before the election and bashed supporters of Donald Trump. The British and Mexican governments responded by saying that other governments should withhold comments on US elections lest they be seen as trying to deliberately interfere with internal American processes. Both leaders basically told their German/Dutch and South American counterparts to "shut up about the American elections." Indicating that America's closest friends and strongest allies today are the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Going forward, Trump supporters and Trump opponents are going to have to find a way to work together for the good of the nation because neither has the majority it had been seeking.

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