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Early in the morning as Americans prepare to vote, they will witness a total lunar eclipse according to astronomers. It will be the very first time in US history that a total eclipse of the moon has happened on election day. The next one won't be for hundreds of years: 2394.

During the eclipse which will last for 86 minutes, the moon will appear blood red in many parts of the US. Historically blood red moons have been seen as bad omens indicating pending doom for civilization itself usually in the form of catastrophic wars.

Sources say that there will not be another lunar eclipse until 2025 and none of similar duration until 2029.

The eclipse will occur early in the morning on November 8th, before the sun rises.

America's November full moon has always been called the Beaver Moon. It was named by Indigenous Peoples of the Eastern United States. Whites first heard the term in 1760 when Indigenous peoples were talking about it. Some people around the world also refer to it as a frosty moon.

Some Americans may see a blood moon during the eclipse. Historically, in most ancient cultures, blood moons have been seen as warnings of perilous times ahead. This means Americans should expect major changes once the November 8th election is over. In a type of mass psychological phenomenon people tend to be ruled by their emotions during blood moons. Many in both parties will be responding to the election results guided by their emotions rather than by rationality. This will lead to increased enmity and division. Several astrological societies are predicting that Americans will feel shame, guilt, anger, frustration, and other negative feelings which could push the country into outright civil war if the issues dividing Americans are left unaddressed. It can also means that secret information withheld from the public will be revealed. Taken together the pending total lunar eclipse means we should expect potentially perilous times ahead that Americans should be careful in navigating. One way to avoid pending conflict is for Americans to speak courteously to each other and avoid trying to walk/talk over each other.

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