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Good afternoon. This is our first update on today's election.

We are currently watching developments in the Bellwether States of Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia, and Virginia.

In Kentucky they are seeking to abolish the right to abortion without abolishing abortion. Sounds like they are trying to stand on the fence if you ask me. The thing with standing on fences is that if you stay on the fence for too long, sooner or later you are going to fall off to one side or the other.

Georgians are voting a few measures the most important of which would abolish a law passed by the legislature during the time of the American Revolution that bans the sale and consumption of alcohol on Sunday.

Two other measures that Georgians are voting on would suspend the pay of public officials who are indicted for felonies and make family farms exempt from property taxes. The same measure would also exempt dairy and egg products from the state's sales tax.

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