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Republicans, Democrats, Trump Supporters, and Trump opponents all came out as winners in yesterday’s primaries in Wyoming and Alaska.

Fate has decided that everyone would be a winner yesterday regardless of what party they were in or where they were on the political ideological spectrum. Folks all from both the left and the right came out as winners in the primaries in Alaska and Wyoming.

In Wyoming, pro Trump Republicans scored the first win of the evening, knocking out January 6th Committee Co-Chair and Trump hater Liz Cheney. Pundits across the spectrum had expected Cheney to lose in the heavily pro Trump state which has only one house seat because of its small population size. Whittier 360 called the election for the pro Trump Republican Harriet Hageman at 721 pm pacific time. This was followed two hours later by other news organizations making the same call. All the Republicans on the committee have now either lost their primaries or were forced by the party to retire from Congress so the party can replace them with pro Trump candidates. This will have serious consequences for the credibility of the committee’s work because now that there are no Republicans on the committee, it will now be seen as a hyper partisan effort where the investigation was set up to support a predetermined outcome rather than a real investigation which in America means that investigations are done to find out the truth, not to support preconceived opinions or predetermined outcomes. Polls show the committee was a show trial designed to support a predetermined outcome, much like such investigations are done in third world fascist trash can countries. That is likely to be how the January 6th committee will be remembered by future generations since it is widely known that Speaker Pelosi had no intent of allowing any defense of Trump to be allowed in the investigation and in America, any investigation that does not allow the accused to defend themselves is a rigged and corrupted investigation.

Hageman will now face anti Trump Democrat Lynette GreyBull in a state that is 73% pro Trump Republican. Democrats make up barely 13% of state voters. Some Democrats tried to help Cheney by crossing over though there was never enough Democrats in Wyoming for that to even have a chance working even if every single Democrat changed to Republican just to help Cheney.

In Alaska pro Trump Republican incumbent Mike Dunleavy won the state’s open primary 42% to Democrat Les Gara’s 22%. The voter stats in Alaska leans mostly toward unaffiliated part of the spectrum as most Alaskans don’t trust either party. Unaffiliated voters make up 44% of the Alaska electorate with another 14% being registered as nonpartisan voters. The second highest number of voters in Alaska are Republicans at 24% with Democrats making up only 13% of Alaska voters and Independents coming in last at just 3%.

In the US Senate race, anti-Trump Republican Lisa Murkowski scored the night’s first big win for Trump opponents. Lisa Murkowski who voted in favor of impeaching Trump twice and supports and is on record saying she would like to see Trump and his supporters thrown in prison barely was barely surviving her primary earlier in the evening. Throughout the evening, the anti-Trump Republican was leading by less than 1% in Alaska’s open primary. By this morning with 70% of ballots counted, Murkoswki had won the primary but will now face her pro Trump Republican opponent again this November as Democrat Patricia Chesboro failed to even make it onto the November ballot.

But not everything was a loss for the anti-Trump Democrats. In the special election to fill the remaining term of a vacated House seat, Democrat Mary Peltola pulled off a upset victory from out of left field against better known Republican and former US Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin in the first round of Alaska's ranked choice voting system. Under the system, voters rank the candidates by preference with the lowest vote getters removed from the process until one candidate gets more than 50 percent of votes.

Whittier 360 called the primary election for Peltola last night 1102 pm. Other media outlets have yet to call the race. At the time of the call only 51% of ballots had been counted and Peltola led Palin 37% to 33%. This morning 70% of ballots have been counted and Peltola still leads Palin 38% to 32% which means the Democrat’s lead against Palin has actually widened overnight. A six-percentage point lead.

However, while Peltola has won the remainder of the current House term, she will be facing off against Palin again this November because both of them came in at the top two in the final election of the night, Alaska’s open primary. In the primary election Peltola lead was smaller at 35% to 31% which is barely a four-percentage point lead. Can she pull off another victory this November?

The stage is now for the main event on November 2022. It is not yet clear who will come out on top but it is increasingly looking like the 2022 midterms could very well end up being world war III fought between Trump supporters and Trump opponents at the ballot box. So the question is which side has more stamina.

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