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The Guardian this week published what it claims is what a 6 week old fetus actually looks like. The image below, actually shows what appear to be a clump of cells from the woman's own body. The writer makes the claim that anyone else who says otherwise is spreading "misinformation."

For this fact check we went with the following organizations: WebMD, the Mayoclinic, and Britain's National Health Service or NHS. Two American and one European professional medical organization.

This is the image from the Guardian:

So now that we know what some journalists and some pro abortion politicians think, what actual medical organizations? What pictures do they have?

First we checked WebMd to see what they had.

We found the site had very different photos of the fetus at the 4 week and 8 week marks at which point the Guardian sows only scrapings of cells.

WebMD photo of a 4 week old fetus:

This is a WebMD photos of an 8 week old fetus.

This is a picture of a six week old fetus from The Mayo Clinic. And one at 4 weeks.

Next we checked to see what the British NHS had to say.

We also checked with the CDC.

These images by medical professionals look very different from the photos promoted by pro abortion extremists in the media and running for office.

Based on the data provided by professional medical organizations, we rate the claim by the Guardian in regards to the picture they published as representing a fetus to be false. This is based on the fact that all 4 organizations we checked with, including both government organizations (the CDC and the NHS) said the fetus already had a backbone, a brain, eyes, and was developing hearing by the 6 to 8 week mark where as the Guardian article said none of those existed in those weeks. We rate the Guardian article's claims to be false.

Why is this important? Because legislators and voters are being asked to decide the question. And if you are being asked to vote on such an important issue, should you not have as much access to factual medical knowledge as possible?

Where does this leave Proposition 1? That is entirely up to you. For what it is worth, we will say that just because a lifeform can hear you, can see, and even has a brain, that does not prove it is aware of you or itself in a conscious sense. The jury is still out on that. But we are getting closer to the truth as scientist continue to study fetal development and make new discoveries about the process every year. Within the next ten years, they will be able to tell us if the child is actually thinking. That is how fast fetal science is progressing. Until then, if you need an abortion to save your own life, you should get one if that is what your choice is. Murder is about intent. If it is not your intent to kill another human being, then you are not committing murder according to the common definition of murder as it exists today.

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