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In light of recent geopolitical developments some pro-western outlets have proceed to exaggerate the amount of support that White majority countries such as the US, European nations, Canada, and Australia have for their sanctions against Russia in light of the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Several mainstream news outlets and people on Facebook and YouTube also stated that the “whole world has sanctions against Russia”. After looking to see what the non-White countries are doing in response to Russia’s illegal attack on Ukraine, we found that unlike the White countries, the Non-White countries or most of the Non-European majority nations have not only not followed in Europe’s footsteps some have actually outright refused to do so.

The review revealed that all the countries sanctioning Russia are almost all White majority nations. The only non-European nations to join sanctions against Russia were Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. All three are faced with possible invasion from an emboldened China, while South Korea faces the additional threat of an attack from North Korea. But the rest of the world from Latin America to Africa and including the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, China, and even the Pacific Island nations have all refused to join or kow tow to the European/American sanctions on Russia.

One would think the phrase, “the whole world has imposed sanctions on Russia” to be true if you only go by the voting at the UN where most of the world’s nations did indeed vote to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a violation of international law. But those votes were empty words when you consider that most of the nations who cast that vote failed or refused to follow up with their own sanctions against Russia. Among the nations that voted to condemn Russia but have refused to impose sanctions or cut off ties are Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Pakistan, India, Kazakhstan, China, Vietnam, the Solomon Islands, Jamaica, Kiribati, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Iran, the Vatican among many others. In fact, a count of the nations that have not sanctioned Russia actually outnumbers those that have.

Out of 195 nations in the UN, 141, a majority voted to condemn the illegal invasion of Ukraine. Of those, the 27 nations in NATO as well as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, and Switzerland, Sweden, and Finland have sanctioned Russia. That is 33 out of the 141 nations that voted to condemn Russia.

In fact, a small minority of just below 17% of the world’s nations which account for just 16% of the world’s population. The remaining 84% of the world’s residents have chosen not to cut off relations with Putin’s Russia. In raw numbers, 1.3 billion people live in countries that have imposed severe sanctions on Russia while 6.6 billion live in nations that refused to both impose severe sanctions on Russia and have refused to cut off diplomatic relations.

Based on these facts we rate the claim that “the whole world has imposed sanctions on Russia” as false.

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