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We've been seeing this claim on Facebook in some local Facebook groups.

Based on scientific evidence published in several scientific journals we rate the claim as false on its face because it is contradictory to the actual scientific information that is available.

Most recently, Science News Magazine had published an article on a study that proved that those who are carrying or who have had COVID 19 tend to develop a strong immunity to even new and mutated forms of the virus.

In fact some of the studies indicate the immunity could last for decades according to Live Science.

To find any support for the claim that there is no infection, the closest we could find was a Science News from November 18 that showed that reinfection is incredibly rare and not the norm. But even that article contradicts the claim of zero immunity for more than 95% of the population.

That article also states that the claims that mutations have made the virus more virulent or more capable of evading the body's immune system are false with only one exception.

It goes on to state that those who suffer reinfections worse than the first tend to have compromised immune systems either from other diseases, heavy drinking, or a lifetime of smoking cigarrettes and/or marijuana and abusing drugs.

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