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The first holiday this is intended to help people make decisions about is Halloween. But first here the communities with today's top 5 spread rates.

  1. Cities of Whittier and Pico Rivera: 10 new cases each

  2. South Whittier: 8 new cases

  3. La Habra: 7 new cases

  4. Santa Fe Springs: 5 new cases

Zero deaths today.

Now for the color coding and how it works. We are doing both a daily color code and a weekly color code. Think of the daily as a short term forcast and the weekly as the long term forecast.

For the daily color codes the colors were chosen as follows:

Green=0 to 4 new cases

Yellow= 5 to 9 new cases

Orange=10 to 14 new cases

Red= 15 or more new cases

But on the weekly color coding it is a little different:

Green= 0 to 12

Yellow= 13 to 42


Red= 73 and higher

Before we announce what colors each communities is receiving for the week we should first explain what each means:

Green= Totally safe to host small parties and participate in events like trick or treating as long as precautions are taken.

Yellow= Precautions are advised, including gloves and facemasks under your Halloween masks.

Orange= Exercise extreme caution as there has been a higher than normal weekly or daily spread in that community. In this case gloves and face masks are a necessity. It is especially important to let the candy sit a couple of days to ensure it is not contaminated with the COVID 19 virus or at least make sure you sterilize the wrappers before opening them.

Red= You should reconsider attending any parties, trick or treating, or any other kind of even in these communities as they are literally COVID 19 hot zones and trick or treating or attending parties there has a much greater likelihood of causing you to come down with COVID 19.

For the record, based on this data the writer will not be trick or treating nor attending any parties nor participating in any other Halloween social gatherings this week. You will see why soon enough.

Communities are in alphabetical order followed by the daily charts:

Avocado Heights= Daily=0/Green Weekly=5/Green

City of Whittier-Daily Code=10/Orange Weekly Code=78/Red!

East La Mirada= Daily=0/Green Weekly=3/Green

East Whittier: Daily=0/Green Weekly=1/Green

Hacienda Heights: Daily=2/Green Weekly=21/Yellow

Industry: Daily=0/Green Weekly=0/Green

La Habra: Daily=7/Yellow Weekly=44/Orange

La Habra Height: Daily=1/Green Weekly=7/Green

La Mirada: Daily=2/Green Weekly=20/Yellow

North Whittier: Daily=0/Green Weekly=8/Green

Pellisier Village: Daily=0/Green Weekly=1/Green

Pico Rivera: Daily=10/Orange Weekly=73/Red!

Rose Hills/SpyGlass Hill: Daily=0/Green Weekly=1/Green

Santa Fe Springs: Daily=5/Yellow Weekly=24/Yellow

South Whittier: Daily=8/Yellow Weekly=73/Red!

Sunrise Village: Daily=0/Green Weekly=2/Green

West Whittier/Los Nietos: Daily=1/Green Weekly=24/Yellow

Whittier Narrows: Daily=0/Green Weekly= 0/Green

To simplify future reports, we will simply color the city on the charts based on their weekly numbers but only for the actual Whittier Area communities listed above.

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