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Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Genetics companies that specialize in ancestral dna to tell people which ethnicities are in their DNA are finding genetic proof that "White" Americans and Europeans are either becoming or are already two seperate ethnic groups.

A few years ago, the company, AncestryDNA, became the first genetics company to recognize that White American's ethnic identity was not the same as that of White people from other parts of the world. Most White Americans, with deep ancestry in the US, don't identify as European immigrants but identify as American exclusively. This has been reflected on Census Bureau reports starting when Americans were first allowed to designated their own race and ethnicity on the census forms.

The vast majority of immigrants who have arrived post Civil War era have denigrated the Ethnic Americans, claiming that they "don't exist" or "have no right to exist". Some have gone as far as stating falsely that "it takes millions of years to create new ethnic groups". The modern human race is actually less than million years and yet here we are with thousands of different ethnic groups around the world. Historically, new ethnicities have developed quite rapidly, over a period of a century or two rather than the millions or thousands of years that some critics have falsely claimed.

One difference is the use of English. The Ethnic Americans use the English language differently from their counterparts in Europe, Canada, Australia and other European dominated locations around the world. For example, American English has adopted more words from a lot more countries than European English has. Clearly American English is on a trajectory to eventually become less English and more Americanese and the borrowing and adopting of millions of words from so many different languages has sped up this process. Even words that the version of English can have different meanings. For example the word "fag" is considered derogatory in the US but in Europe it means cigarette.

Another example where Americans use the language different is with the word rubber which some have found to their amusement. In Americanese, rubber is either a type of material that is used to make tires, the bottoms of your shoes, and other products or it is slang for condom. But in several other countries that use the word, it actually means eraser.

And the cultures have long been diverging as well with Celtic traditions being changed into Halloween with a little mixing with traditions from other parts of the globe. While Samhain and All Hallows Eve are clearly European in origin, specifically Irish and Scottish, Halloween is recognized as being 100% American made and invented. Even the manner in which Americans celebrate Christmas and Easter are significantly different from how it is celebrated in Europe. The American versions of those two holidays, are purely American. Americans were the first to put emphasis on giving presents for example.

The political differences have been discussed enough throughout 2020 and previous years they need no mention here, suffice to say that Americans believe the highest power in the nation is not one man, party, or even "the people" but rather the Constitution itself. This is not true in Europe. In Europe politicians and the military either swear loyalty to some dude or to a particular group of people rather than a written set of ideals. In America, even "the people" are not supreme over the Constitution, which is considered the most sacred document in the nation to the point that some consider it more sacred than even the religious holy books. When politicians are sworn into office and when members of the military take their oaths of office in the US, they don't swear loyalty to a single person, group, or even to "the people" but rather they swear loyalty exclusively to the Constitution of the United States believing that the rights that it grants are absolute in that they are granted by God and that only God alone has the right to take them away. That leads us to another fundamental difference between Americans and Europeans. Americans believe that rights are inalienable and unrestrictable because they are from God and nature. Europeans however believe that all rights come from man and that man whether as a single person (Putin) or as group (political parties) and as such the ruler, party, and even "the people" have the right to repeal and take away inherent and fundamental rights such that those rights don't actually exist in Europe if a majority can just vote to strip them away. Americans believe that rights are only rights if they are inalienable.

And now another genetics company has found evidence that White Americans and White Europeans are diverging not just linguistically and culturally but genetically as well.

The company Myheritage recently updated its algorithm to provide its customers with more accurate results and it found there is genetic evidence that Ethnic Americans are separating and diverging from their European cousins. One major difference is that Ethnic Americans are about 80% more likely, than White Europeans, to have recent African, Indigenous and other non European ancestry in their genetic background.

We are seeing this not just from White Americans of British/Irish descent but also in the Metis and Acadians as well as White Hispanics who are showing evidence of genetic divergence from their old cousins in France and Spain.

What it boils down to is that contrary to what many immigrants have falsely believed and the lies being promoted by the elite globalists, Whites in the American hemisphere are no longer Europeans but are now almost 100% Native Americans whether they are in the US, Mexico or other country in the American hemisphere. And this writer is certain we will find the same genetic divergence between American Blacks with slave ancestors from somewhere in this hemisphere if not in the US, are also genetically diverging from their cousins in Africa. In fact such evidence may have already been found. It's for America's Native Whites and Native Blacks to stop looking at the old world as their ancestral homelands because their real ancestral homeland is America. One difference between Black Americans and Africans that will be found is that Blacks in this hemisphere are more than 70% likely (the precise percentage is unknown at this time) to have White and Indigenous American ancestry than their cousins in Africa are. Since both White Americans and Black Americans are both Native Americans, perhaps it is time for them to stop being adversarial toward each other. What is certain is that both have been here long enough that calling one "White invaders" and other "Africans" is seen by many with deep ancestry in this country are racially derogatory because you are forcing labels on them that actually don't fit their true heritage.

And this is not the end of their journey, for we are already finding evidence that these two branches of Native Americans are merging into one branch and one ethnicity: the American Ethnicity. The evidence? The children they are having with each at greater and greater frequencies. And the increased genetic unification of White Americans and Black Americans began centuries before George Floyd and 2020's social justice protests. They are becoming one people and one ethnicity: Americans. Why do you think there was so much White support for the George Floyd protests this summer? Those Whites either had a Black ancestor in their family tree somewhere and/or they have siblings, cousins, and even nieces/nephews that are at least half Black. The adage of not judging people by their skin color is a two way street.

And our nation's Indigenous peoples are also merging into this new Ethnic group. Hopefully they will preserve parts of their ancestral languages and to add to the newly developing Americanese language. They have already been merging with the White and Black groups for the last 5 centuries and it is time that Indigenous peoples start accepting their relatively new cousins as fellow Natives of this land and for immigrants to start showing proper respect to all of the people who were here before their own families arrived in the 20th century and after. After all immigrants have zero right to demand respect from the Natives of this country if they are not willing to give respect for the Natives status in return. Some of those "White" people WERE HERE before those immigrants that have arrived in the last 120 years.

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