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According to a graph by the British liberal media outlet the Guardian, COVID 19 cases reached their highest American peak back in July when it reached 75,000 cases. The graph shows that the number of people becoming sick from the virus has declined markedly since then.

The graph puts the number of people with COVID 19 in the US at just 43,752 presently. That is 58% of what it was at it's peak and is good news in wake the of the negative news that the President of the United States now has COVID 19.

If you look at the far right of the graph it looks the US is also on the tail end of a third wave that most people didn't know we had been going through. Health officials fear that a 4th wave is waiting for Americans in November and December however. The third wave does not appear to have been as serious as the peak wave.

In Whittier, local public health agencies have been reporting only the total number of cases for the year rather than the daily number of new cases leaving people surmise the latter by subtracting yesterday's numbers from today's numbers. They have also been reporting only the total number of deaths for the year rather the number of new deaths and Whittier 360 finds the actual number of deaths for each day by subtracting the number of deaths that were reported in previous days. This does not mean that the counties are reporting false information but rather that it is important to know how to read the data as well as how to work with the data you have available in order to get a more precise picture.

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