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After dropping 41% on Monday, daily new Sars Cov 2 infections jumped back upward in the Whittier Area but no where did it jump as much as it did in Pico Rivera where jumped back above 130. In the rest of the Whittier Area the numbers stayed below one hundred.

In the nation's capital, President Elect Biden said that his plan was to have 100 million vaccines available before the end of his first 100 days. That should be no problem as the Trump administration's investment in vaccine development is already paying off. Contrary to falsehoods told by anti-American communists, the Trump administration already paid for up to 600 million vaccine doses. That is almost twice what the American people will be needing.

During the first half of this year, President Trump purchased a hundred million vaccine doses from the following companies which locks it in that they are required to give the first hundred million doses to Americans. However that has not worked out as Democrats at the FDA have refused to approve the vaccine and have said they don't intend to approve anything other than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines until at least 6 months after Trump is out of office.

The companies that Trump purchased vaccines from are:

Novavax- 100 million doses

Pfizer- 100 million doses

GloxoSmithKline- 100 million doses

Johnson & Johnson- 100 million doses

AstraZeneca- 300 million doses

Moderna- 100 million doses

That's at least 800 million doses that the Trump Administration has already bought and paid for on behalf of the American people and as you can see, it is enough for the more than twice the US' current population. When the Biden begins making his announced 100 million doses available he will be using a stockpile that his predecessor already planned and paid for.

So far only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are being considered for approval. That would make 200 million doses available almost immediately because those doses are already reserved. 200 million doses is enough for almost 2/3 of the entire US population. If Trump really hadn't done anything about COVID 19, there wouldn't be any vaccines coming available for another year. However since setting up Operation Warp Speed and prepaying for those 800 million vaccine doses, President Trump has largely bungled the pandemic by putting his reelection first instead of public safety.

Locally, after dropping 41% yesterday, the number of new infections began going back up yesterday, December 8, especially in Pico Rivera. There were 4 deaths in the Whittier Area. Of those, 3 were in the City of Whittier and one was in La Mirada.

The top 5 daily infections for December 8:

  1. Pico Rivera-131 new infections

  2. City of Whittier- 98 new infections

  3. South Whittier- 76 new infections

  4. Hacienda Heights- 48 new infections

  5. La Mirada- 44 new infections

The City of Whittier and South Whittier numbers are bad but you will remember we've seen worse numbers of the last two weeks. This makes two days in the low that the new infections numbers for both communities has been below 100. However, these numbers don't impact the hospitalization numbers which we don't have access to on a community by community basis.

For those who are wondering, several restaurants are still open for in person dining but they have gone underground into the black market economy and we will not publishing the names of those restaurants not only to ensure they won't be shut down by the Gestapo but also to protect the public from being tempted to visit them. Speaking of restaurants, data indicates that most Whittier Area residents believe the earlier closing of restaurants, before the state's order was issued, was arbitrary and capricious. The Whittier Area largely agreeing with a recent court decision against the county. That decision has left local authorities basically powerless in terms of mandating masks and closures and county officials were left being able to only ask people to wear masks and shelter at home instead of mandating it. This proves that government in the US is not as powerful or absolute as new arrivals would like to think it is.

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