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This week's data has caused several communities to be moved from the Yellow, Red, and Orange zones into either the Green or Yellow zones. Most communities shifted into the green zone, the safest color in terms of the safety of social events on the Halloween and Election weekend.

First we start with the communities that despite the big strides they made this weekend simply could not get out of the red zone. The red zone means they are considered COVID 19 hotspots and the danger you getting COVID 19 from attending parties or other non socially distanced events in that community are extremely high. The CDC says that it takes less than a minute of contact within a 10 foot area to contract COVID 19 from that person. The CDC says that repeated contact with people who have COVID can increase your risk of getting it even if the contact only last 10 seconds.

Our red zone communities are Pico Rivera, City of Whittier, and South Whittier. Residents should consider alternative to trick or treating they can do at home. If they decide to do trick or treating remember to stay at last 10 feet away from all other persons who are not part of your group. Make sure everyone in your party is wearing a properly fitted face mask. According to the CDC you cannot get COVID 19 by touching surfaces unless you are putting your hands in your mouth or picking your nose, but if it will give you and others peace of mind, feel free to carry around hand sanitizer. If you are on of those who can't stop touching their own faces or picking their noses wear gloves and take plenty of hand sanitizer cause you gonna be needing it. Make sure you children are also not touching their faces either. For the red zones, if you are in one of those, make sure you do your trick or treating only in your own community and make sure you work with your neighbors to map out a safe route to take your children if you are going to taking them to participate in the 200 year old American tradition which is a uniquely Americanized version of a cultural custom in the Celtic Countries going back thousands of years. Trick or treating and parties are not recommended but we are giving advise on how to do so safely because we don't expect people to follow the advice to stay home. Given that we believe people are going to do it anyway, our position is the least we can do is help them to do it as safely as possible and in a manner that is least riskiest. A safe trick or treat route would be to stop only at the homes of people you know personally in the same community as you who have recently tested negative for COVID. Try to make sure all the adults in your group have tested negative for COVID 19 as you may be stopping at homes of elderly and at risk people. Or you can you the mapping process to avoid taking those risks. At risk children who have asthma and other conditions that make them very vulnerable to the effects of COVID 19 should be provided activities they can do at home for Halloween in order to keep them safe. This should be done in a manner that they don't feel singled out or left out. Get the other kids in your group to participate in the activity. If the other kids are doing trick or treating, have one of them to do trick or treating for the one who has to stay home. People handing out candy should bear in mind that some kids might trick or treating for themselves and another child who has a condition that makes them vulnerable to COVID. If there are no other children, then expect that parents will be trick or treating on their kid's behalf. Though if that's case, it's better to just get them a couple of bags at walmart and forgo risking your own health.

The next grouping is the Orange zone. Communities that marked as Orange are advised to exercise extreme caution because they so close to becoming red hot COVID 19 superspreader communities like those in the red zone. Work with your neighbors to map out a safe route for trick or treating. As with the red zones, make sure you wear gloves and or take and use plenty of hand sanitizer. If you have an at risk child who has asthma or other condition that makes them especially susceptible to COVID 19, it may be safest to go only to those homes you know for sure have tested negative for COVID 19.

There are two communities in the Orange Zone tonight, La Habra and Hacienda Heights. Make sure to wear properly fitted face masks and avoid coming within 10 feet of any person who not part of your party. Keep your masks on while talking. Halloween masks will not protect you from COVID 19. But you don't have to go as far as you do in the Orange or Red zones.

Next is the Yellow Zone which is safer than both Red and Orange. Yellow means take extra precautions. Maintain 10 feet of distance and wear a properly fitted face mask under or over your Halloween outfits because there will likely be lots of others out. Make sure to avoid the homes of people you know may be at risk of complications from COVID. You can take sanitizer with you but it is not necessary at this level. With proper precautions it may be safe for at risk children to participate in trick or treating depending on your unique situation. The Yellow zones communities at this time are West Whittier/Los Nietos, La Mirada, and East La Mirada.

The Green zones are the safest for Halloween activities but you should still wear face masks along with your halloween stuff, and you should still keep a distance of at least 10 feet from other groups. But you don't need the other precautions that needed for the yellow, orange, or red zoned areas.

The Green zoned communities at this time are: Santa Fe Springs, North Whittier, Industry, Avocado Heights, East Whittier, Rose Hills/Spyglass Hill, La Habra Heights, Sunrise Village, Pellisier Village, and Whittier Narrow.

Here is the weekly data chart that determined these color groupings. Bear in mind these color designations may be tweaked a bit by this Friday night in order to account for differences between communities in terms of population size.

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