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Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Beginning today we will be revealing the information and trends that led us to predict the breakout of nuclear war between the US and Russia by the end of this year.

We are only allowed to release publicly available information at this time. There is other information we which our sources have told us that we are not able to reveal due to the sensitive and in some cases, classified nature of that information.

Russian Military Buildup in the Arctic:

To this very day extremists leftists in the Democratic party continue to dismiss the Poseidon 2M39 nuclear torpedo as "a fantasy that has no connection to the real world." International experts however say it is very real and very real and being prepared for deployment. The super weapon works by using nuclear energy to create radioactive tsunamis that are used to destroy enemy coastal cities and bases. Currently these weapons are being targeted at only one country: the United States.

Russia claims the Arctic as part of Russian territory.

The Biden administration is rushing its own military hardware to the Arctic.

Why does Russia and other countries want to own the Arctic?

More on Russia's Arctic military buildup

The US is currently outnumbered by the Russians in terms of Arctic military capacity. This video is from the Trump years.

China has already said that an American war against Russia would force China to declare war on the United States.

These trends point toward one thing: The inevitability of war between the US and Russia over who owns the Arctic.

In part 2 we cover the Eastern Europe front and the history of the back and forth between the US and Russia.

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