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By a two to one margin, voters in the Republican supermajority state of Kansas decisively rejected a referendum to repeal women’s right to abortion in the state. At 630 pm Pacific Time 830 pm Kansas local time more than 175,000 ballots out of a turnout of 694,790 had been counted. Of those, 63% of counted votes rejected the effort to repeal women’s state level constitutional right to abortion with just 36.8% voting to approve it at the time of writing.

The areas with most of the outstanding ballots are mostly in Kansas City with the second highest number of outstanding votes being in Wichita. The overwhelming majority of outstanding votes are in the Kansas City area which is believed to be mostly pro-abortion. Given this data it is going to be next to impossible for the pro-life side to catch up in votes.

This means that pro-abortion candidates across the US now go into the general election with the wind at their backs while pro-lifers will now have to fight those political winds.

As of 839 pm Kansas time, close to 117,000 Kansas voters had rejected the referendum while 68,000 voted in favor of it. Up to 74% of Kansans are Ethnic Americans which means they are descended from either the people who founded the United States of America or from the Indigenous peoples of the Eastern and Midwestern US.

Update: As of 1020pm Kansas time, 59% of ballots had been counted and showed 64% against the referendum and 36% in support of it.

Update II: As of 850 pm Pacific Time and 1050pm Kansas Time with 91% of ballots counted the final results this evening were 60% against the referendum to repeal the right to abortion and 40% in support of repealing the right.

The No Campaign was helped by the fact that the vast majority Kansas Republicans are opposed to giving power to the government to dictate to citizens what they can and cant do with their own bodies. Kansas Republicans were frequently seen anti mask protests across the US during the 2020 and 2021 COVID Pandemic. It also helped that the state is majority Ethnic American. Most Ethnic Americans are pro reproductive freedom and interpret the federal 4th amendment to cover such freedom. The fact that presumed 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said he opposed allowing the government to ban abortion may have played some role in so many Republicans rejecting the measure. Trump won Kansas in 2020 by more than 16 percentage points.

Abortion is a highly nationalized issue and close to billions of dollars in support of both the yes and no votes poured in mostly from California and New York from people who had never even been to Kansas and could not point to it on a map of the US.

However the issues does not appears to be impacting races across the nation. But after tonight, that might change. Things always change in politics. That's what makes it so interesting.

This is a breaking news development subject to being updated.

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