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According to the city website the first mail in ballots will arrive in voters' mailboxes by March 14. The ballots could take as long as a week to get to your mail box or as little as 3 days. Due to ongoing problems at the postal service overall some ballots may take a bit longer than a week to arrive. Voters can return the ballots by mail in a pre-paid envelop or by dropping them off the in person vote centers located at Parnell and Palm Parks or with the City Clerk's office at city hall located at 13230 Penn St, Whittier. City hall closes at 5pm everyday. The number for the City Clerk's office is 562 567-9999 for more information. You can also drop your ballot at the drop box locations at 6732 Greenleaf Ave & 10537 Santa Gertrudes Avenue.

Key dates for voters are that mail in ballots will be mailed out to voters on March 14th. The last day to register for this election is March 28th.

In person voting at city hall will start April 1st while in person voting at Parnell and Palm Parks will begin on April 8th. Voting for all three locations ends at 7pm on April 12th for City Hall and at 8 pm on April 12th at Palm Park and Parnell Park.

If you do not receive you mail in ballot by April 12th you should be able to vote provisionally if you can prove you are a registered voter in the City of Whittier. The City Clerk's office and election workers can provide you further information and assistance on provisional voting should you need it.

Results of the election should be available by 11 pm on April 12th. But anything can happen between now and then that could upend that. In 2018, Bob Henderson was in the lead at 1030pm on election night, but in the in the early hours of the morning he was overtaken in the ballot count by Henry Bouchot, the current incumbent in District 2.

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