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Mary Ann Pacheco Projected to Secure Victory, Defeating Incumbent Jessica Martinez in Whittier City Council Race

Whittier 360 News Network has made a significant projection in the hotly contested Whittier City Council race, forecasting Mary Ann Pacheco's triumph over incumbent District 1 Councilmember Jessica Martinez. Pacheco's commanding lead in the polls, coupled with Martinez's inability to secure a majority, underscores a shifting political landscape within the district.

With the current tally revealing 275 votes for incumbent Jessica Martinez, representing 27.75% of the vote, Mary Ann Pacheco emerges as the frontrunner with 464 votes, commanding a substantial 46.8% of all votes cast in District 1. This is significantly short of a majority of votes. Despite a formidable challenge from Maggie Moe, who received 252 votes or 25.4% of the ballots, Pacheco's consistent lead positions her as the favored candidate among voters.

Pacheco is not the first candidate to win with less than half the vote in District 1. In fact no candidate has been able to win a mandate or electoral majority in District 1 with now defeated Martinez coming closest to it with a 59.56% victory in 2020. The districts first representative, Josue Alvarado got only a flat 49%. So while Martinez loses the 2024 election she retains the record for winning with the most votes in District 1.

Whittier 360's projection gains further credibility as Political Scientist Rebecca Canales weighs in, highlighting the insurmountable task facing Martinez. With only 187 outstanding ballots, Martinez would need at least 205 votes to bridge the gap and overturn Pacheco's lead. However, the remaining ballots fall short, signaling the end of Martinez's tenure on the Whittier City Council.

Pacheco's candidacy has resonated with voters, buoyed by her tenure as a former Board member at nearby Rio Hondo College and a surge of outsider support. In contrast, Martinez's incumbency has been marred by controversy, with unfounded accusations of insurrection shadowing her since her election in 2020. Pacheco's victory also ends Republicans stranglehold on the council and restores local Democrats voices to the city council.

The third contender, Maggie Moe, although lacking political experience, has garnered support through her active involvement in local community organizations, notably advocating for Southwest Whittier. Despite Moe's strong showing in this area, Pacheco's broad appeal and decisive victories in District 1's other precincts cement her path to victory.

As Mary Ann Pacheco prepares to assume office, her election marks a significant milestone for District 1 and the broader Whittier community. With a mandate for change and fresh perspectives, Pacheco's victory heralds a new era of leadership focused on unity, progress, and inclusive representation. Whittier 360 extends its congratulations to Mary Ann Pacheco and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of her leadership on the city council.

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