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Liberal leftist Irma Rodriguez Moisa overtook Chris Hardeman yesterday in the election for Whittier Union High School Districts' Trustee Area 5 election.

A review of Moisa's bio shows she has supported a number of extremist anti American organizations in the past, including the extremist group MALDEF.

Moisa and her family immigrated to Whittier in 1994 according to her bio.

Based on his own limited bio, Hardeman has lived in Whittier since the late 80's. Information on Mr. Hardeman's history is more limited than what is available for Mrs. Moisa.

Moisa's page says she is the daughter of immigrants. Hardeman's page doesn't mention his family's history. Contrary to what some might think, farm workers were not all illegal immigrants as there was a guest worker program that allowed people to enter the US legally to work on farms. The system however is broken and has led to frequent persecution of people who were doing nothing but minding their own business. However Moisa's page falsely states she has deep roots in the Whittier Area. Deep roots means your family has been living in Whittier for 50 years or more. Moisa has only lived in Whittier since 1994, which is far short of that number.

Currently the two of them have split the election 50-50 in a good reflection of the rest of the country where Americans who are split 50 50 have voted to split control of Congress between the Democrats and Republicans.

And the race which has garnered more interest and more votes than any other school board race in the country. Over 10,000 people voted in Whittier Union's Trustee Area 5 election versus barely 2,000 who have voted in the Whittier City election and the 6,000 who voted in the Rio Hondo election.

Hardeman has been supported by the community's conservatives while Moisa was supported by community's liberals. This was reflected by their platforms.

Hardeman's website states, "The state of California and the State Board of Education create and issue curriculum that often conflicts with family’s values and ideas of necessary education. We trust our children to the schools, but parents must be able to verify and understand their student’s schoolwork assignments and curriculum. As we move toward increased online access, I propose the district make it as easy as possible for parents to access and review the school’s curriculum."

Moisa's website says, " It is critical that our students feel safe attending school, and that faculty and staff teach in a safe environment." On a national level, this is code talk for people who support having Critical Race Theory taught to youth in public schools. Critical Race Theory teaches that America is an evil racist empire and that the only good Whites are dead Whites. Moisa has not directly addressed the issue of whether she intends to introduce CRT into the curriculum of the Whittier Union High School District if elected. MAGA candidates for school board won the majority of the nation's school board elections across the US, in last week's elections meaning that curriculum in most of the US is now decided by pro MAGA board members opposed to Critical Race Theory. That will result in the kids voting MAGA when they grow up and experts say that the next few generations of Americans could end up voting MAGA and Republicans for the next 250 years because of MAGA control of most of the country's schools.

Both candidates agreed on the need to keep campuses safe and the need for fiscal responsibility. But only Moisa referenced the fact the US may be entering an recession and that the district should plan accordingly.

On the safety front, Hardeman has been credited with lobbying the Whittier City Council for money to pay for more crossing guards. Others also said they sought more money but none of them had the access to city hall that Mr. Hardeman has. It's like in job hunting. It's not what you know or what degrees you have but it's exclusively about who you know and who you are connected to.

While candidates said they wanted to make for lost time from when the schools were closed, only Hardeman offered concrete proposals.

Moisa's page states, "We need to assess how many students we have lost due to the pandemic and how to bring them back." While Hardeman's page offers specific programs, "Post COVID learning options and making up for lost years of academics. Enhanced tutoring (virtual & in person), Remote study programs, After hours “catchup” for all the lost learning hours due to COVID"

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