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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Alabama and at least 14 other states have joined Texas and Mississippi in ending their lockdowns and statewide mask mandates. The moves, which have been criticized by non Americans, prove that Americans prefer freedom to life and are not willing to obey the alien overlords who have seized control of the nation. This was something that this writer predicted would happen. This is the third prediction I've made that has come true this year. Another is that neither Martinez nor Bouchot will be recalled but I am predicting the recall and replacement of Newsom and that appears to be happening as I speak as the recall has so many signatures it is, for all intents and purposes, already qualified for the ballot.

The recall is in response to Newsom and his fellow Democrats using the virus as an excuse to violate the US Constitution and abolish people's rights including their first amendment rights. The US Supreme Court had to tell California's pro communist Democrats that the US Constitution prohibits them from enforcing bans on in person religious worship even during pandemics. But most Democrats in California are not native to America and are not used to people having so much freedom nor are they used to an entire nation that puts more value on freedom than it does life. A Native American is defined as someone whose family has lived in the US for centuries. Simply being born here does not make you Native American.

Whether you agree or disagree with their decisions on the mask, the states that dropped the mask mandates are all states that truely represent the Real American people. They are the people who created this country and they are making their thoughts on the choice of freedom vs life pretty clear and the vast majority of Real Americans are choosing freedom. In contrast, states with more immigrants than Real Americans are choosing to curtail freedom and constitutional rights to save the lives of just a couple of people who are not even Americans.

The states involved are the true face of America. They are Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Iowa, North Dakota, and Montana. Other states including Arizona had refused to adopt mask mandates and lockdowns because they knew the lockdowns violated the US Constitution in the way they were being enforced in states where most residents were not Americans but aliens, such as California. States that refused to lockdown included South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alaska. All the states without mask mandates are all states where the majority of residents are Real Americans or who have at least one Real American in their ancestral line.

Immigrants have long been more willing to surrender our constitutional rights and freedoms than those of us whose families have been here for centuries.

Even in California, the lock downs are the primary reason for the successful advance of the Newsome recall onto the ballot which means that opponents of the unconstitutional lockdowns have successfully forced a special election that will serve as statewide referendum on the lockdown.

But none of that is going to protect their residents from the pending and threatening 4th surge which has just begun its attack on Europe.

Locally, the City of Whittier and Unincorporated South Whittier both experienced a small bump in new infections. The City of Whittier had 17 new infections on March 4 while South Whittier experienced 14. Pico Rivera also experienced a small bump upward. It's too early to say if this is a sign the awaited fourth surge is starting to make itself felt in Whittier. The US is a couple weeks behind Europe which at this time is starting to go back into lockdown as the 4th surge has begun there. So it is a matter of when, not if, the 4th surge arrives in the Whittier Area. But with all the good news many have become careless and reckless. On the bus, MTA, several passengers were seen not wearing masks at all even when the bus was packed full of people with no distance between passengers and parties are being reported all over the states where people are ignoring social distancing and not wearing masks.

In order to avoid the worst of the surge we might have to reinstate some parts of the lockdown such as ensuring a mask mandate is enforceable by private property owners and ensuring that businesses are enforcing social distancing requirements. If we act now, we will be able to avoid having to shut down businesses again when the 4th surge gets under way in seriousness in the Whittier Area. This does not mean we give up freedoms or rights but that we exercise them differently. You can have you in person church service with unlimited capacity as long as you keep at least 6 feet between all participants. Restaurants should take the time to adopt now by requiring patrons to keep masks unless they are actually eating or putting clear barriers between tables and parties of people. Stores could assign one person to go around and make sure their customers continue to wear masks inside their businesses or they can have their assigned security officer do it for them. The example being set by the states dropping the mask mandates is a great defense of Real American values, it won't protect their people from the looming 4th surge because it is a matter of when not a matter of if. The vaccine can't come soon enough for many people. But the vaccine plus early mitigation can prevent the worst impact of the pending 4th COVID surge. Would it not be better if the 4th surge consisted of a small bump in Whittier than a huge jump? And if we do it right, people will still be able to go to work because we will be able to keep all local businesses open this time.

At this time it is not known what Whittier Area residents and businesses are doing to get ready for the 4th COVID surge so as to mitigate its impact on them. We are not aware of any plans in place in the City of Whittier, Pico Rivera, City of Industry, La Mirada, Santa Fe Springs or even Los Angeles on how they intend to deal with the pending 4th surge once it has arrived on their jurisdictions or even they are taking precautionary measures at this time to prepare for it. What we do know is that while it is not here yet, it is coming and we should be ready for it this time.

Be grateful for the current flat trend but brace yourselves for what is coming.

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This is xenophobic nonsense. People are Americans because they are citizens of the United States, not because they happen to agree with your personal ideology and priorities.

I am both an American and critical of the states that are dropping mask mandates.

Our government has a responsibility to the health and safety of its citizens, and that is not an anti-American stance.

Also your definition of Native American is...wrong.

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