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But that is clearly not enough for herd immunity. Most people who believe it is les than one percent aren't lying about, it's just that they have not seen the data. So next time some one says that less than 1 percent of Whittier residents have had COVID 19, instead of calling them names or arguing with them, just show them the numbers and let the numbers speak for themselves. The person claiming less than 1% might just be working with out of date information, just as there are a lot of people with assumptions about face masks who are working with out of date information.

In addition to the statistics we are already providing we are now going to give you the percentage of each community that has already had a first hand experience with COVID 19. As you look at the data, be mindful that what you seeing proves that the whole Whittier Area is a long way from herd immunity. For herd immunity you want the number of people with first hand experience with COVID 19 to be higher but you need to reach that higher number with smallest number of casualties possible.

Top 5 COVID 19 Daily New Cases By Community:

  1. City of Whittier- 25 new cases

  2. Pico Rivera- 19 new cases

  3. La Habra- 18 new cases

  4. South Whittier- 16 new cases

  5. La Mirada- 12 new cases

Whittier Area- 102

Top 10 positive results by community:

  1. La Habra Heights- 70.10%

  2. Pellisier Village- 17.58%

  3. Sunrise Village- 17.29%

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 16.29%

  5. Pico Rivera- 16.05%

  6. South Whittier- 15.34%

  7. Santa Fe Springs- 13.82%

  8. Whittier Narrows - 13.02%

  9. City of Whittier- 12.99%

  10. North Whittier- 12.66%

Whittier Area Overall- 12%

Top 5 Death Ratios By Community (percentage of confirmed cases that end in death)

  1. City of Industry- 4.26%

  2. Rose Hills/Spyglass Hill- 3.41%

  3. North Whittier- 3.25%

  4. City of La Habra- 2.76%

  5. City of Pico Rivera- 2.54%

Whittier Area Overall: 1.86%

Percentage of each community's population that has had confirmed of COVID 19 illness this year:

City of Whittier-3.74%

Unincorporated East Whittier- 1.26%

Unincorporated North Whittier- 6.92%

Unincorporated Rose Hills/Spyglass Hills- 0.97%

Unincorporated South Whittier- 4.34%

Unincorporated West Whittier/Los Nietos- 5%

City of Santa Fe Springs -4.17%

Unincorporated Hacienda Heights- 2.69%

Unincorporated Avocado Heights- 2.37%

Unincorporated Sunrise Village- 0.13%

City of Industry- 23.04%

City of La Habra - 3.07%

City of La Habra Heights- 1.26%

City of La Mirada - 2.35%

City of Pico Rivera- 5.21%

Unincorporated Whittier Narrows- 25%

Unincorporated East La Mirada- 2.97%

Unincorporated Pellisier Village- 7.27%

Whittier Area Overall- 6.6%

For comparison we are adding the same information on percentage of population with direct experience with COVID 19 for some communities that border the Whittier Area so that those who live in Whittier can better understand just how lucky they have been and not take their community's low numbers for granted. As you can see, Norwalk and Montebello are half way to herd immunity while both the Cities of La Puente and South El Monte are more than half way there, but they have all lost a couple hundred of their residents in the process.

City of Cerritos- 1.49%

City of Downey- 4.99%

City of La Puente- 58.47%

City of Montebello- 46.29%

City of Norwalk- 47.57%

Unincorporated Rowland Heights- 1.96%

City of South El Monte- 56.15%

The trending graph indicates downward movement for most Whittier Area Communities but this is either an artifact of lower reporting on the weekends or the result of Whittier Area residents stepping up to their part on an all volunteer basis without the threat of government force. Did you know the governor of Oregon is offering money to people to spy on their neighbors and report them to the police if they are not wearing masks or social distancing and has threatened to seize the children of families violating her state's COVID orders. Does that remind you of gestapoism? It should and you should be grateful to live in a part of the US where that would not be allowed nor even attempted.

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