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Whittier Area Covid update for February 17 2021. New data indicates that as many as 86% of Whittier Area residents may have already had the COVID 19 test. Of those who took the test, the data indicates that as many as 75% have tested negative for the virus. However that does not mean it is party time in the USA just yet. The new numbers means communities in the Whittier Area are being placed under lower COVID alert levels. Most Whittier Area communities are now green but some like the City of Whittier are still yellow while at least one is in the orange. One of the communities bordering the Whittier Area is still stuck in the red zone. Overall, the Whittier Area has gone from the red danger zone to the cautious yellow zone.

Obviously it is not yet party time in the USA but already people have stopped social distancing and we are seeing too many people not wearing masks when in close proximity to others. This video report includes a selection of Whittier Area Communities. Some are doing very well when it comes to getting their residents tested but some are not doing so well. Having only 16% of your neighbors in your neighborhood is not very promising for your community in terms of COVID 19.

It should also be remembered that from what we know currently, it is possible to test negative one week but still get the virus a week or two later. For those who want to get tested, they are doing testing at the following locations:

  1. Pico Park 9528 Beverly Blvd., Pico Rivera CA 90660 starting this morning and going until Friday. Friday is the last day for this one. It is for residents of Pico Rivera and surrounding communities. The testing is being provided by GUARDaHEART, City of Pico Rivera, and State Senator Bob Archuleta.

There is also testing at a clinic located at the corner of La Cuarta and Painter.

Walk ins welcome. Those who have participated said it was free and they got their results in 15 minutes. I'll believe that when I see it.

Here is today's statistical update including the testing percentages for select communities of the Whittier Area. How did your community do?

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Is it nearly 50% or 86%?

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