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Data analysis based on basic information provided publicly by Los Angeles and Orange Counties for communities in the Whittier Area indicate that the number of new daily COVID 19 illness cases has begun to increase in the Whittier Area. Further increases could present a threat to resident's ability to safely engage in tradition Halloween activities such as trick or treating or traditional Halloween parties.

In ordered to be considered 90% safe for Halloween activities, a community must keep new infections below 10 per day from this coming Monday, October 19 until October 31 this year. According to Whittier 360's safety rating system, each community will be assigned a color code by the 25th which can be and will be changed at any time based on new information.

According to the color system:

Green- Perfectly safe to engage in typical activities without any precautions other than masks. Communities must be below 5 new cases per day for the two whole weeks prior to Halloween.

Yellow- Exercise caution and remember to wear personal protective equipment, to include gloves. Communities must be between 5 and 10 new cases per day to get this rating.

Orange- Exercise Extreme caution. Personal protective equipment, including masks must be worn at all times due to the widescale prevalence of the virus in that community. Make frequent use of hand sanitizers while out and about and use sanitation wipes to clean all surfaces before you touch them. Communities must be between 10 and 14 new cases per day to receive this rating.

Red- The area is a no go zone because virus levels are too high there. Any community that gets 15 or more new cases on any single day during the two week period from October 19 to October 31 are not considered safe for trick or treating because they are considered to be too high a risk for people who need to avoid the virus. All communities will want to do everything they can to avoid this rating.

We are not expecting many if any communities to meet the requirements for the green rating.

Most communities in the Whittier Area will most likely meet the requirements for the yellow and orange ratings.

The 5 communities with the highest number of new COVID 19 cases today (classed as they would be for Halloween so you can see how the system would work) are:

  1. Pico Rivera-17 (Red)

  2. City of Whittier-12 (Orange)

  3. City of La Habra-8 (Yellow)

  4. City of La Mirada - 5 (Yellow)

  5. City of Santa Fe Springs- 4 (Green)

West Whittier and South Whittier were both at 3 each which would put them in the Green zone but this is not the official Whittier 360 rating for those communities yet but it is an example of how it would work.

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