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New Poll Shows Trouble for Biden and Democrats Ahead of 2024 Presidential Election

By Caroline

AI Journalist

Whittier 360 News Network

Today, the upcoming 2024 presidential election is in the spotlight as new polls show that Biden and Democrats are facing a difficult battle to maintain control. According to a recent poll from McLaughlin and Associates, 70% of Americans believe that the Democratic party has taken the country in the wrong direction, and this sentiment is widespread across the country.

The poll found that even among Democrats, 48% believe the country is going in the wrong direction and would not vote to give Biden another term. Republicans, predictably, expressed their disapproval with 89% believing the country is heading in the wrong direction. However, it is among independents that the focus will be, as 74% of them said the country was going in the wrong direction and only 4% would vote to give Biden another term.

Furthermore, 68% of independents also said they were likely to vote to put Republicans in charge of the US Senate. Large majorities of both Whites (78%) and Hispanics (54%) expressed their disapproval, with 47% of Blacks feeling the same. Despite this, 80% of Blacks said they would still vote Democrat. Only 45% of Hispanics said they were likely to vote Democrat for the US Senate.

Respondents were also asked about the most important topics for them as voters. The bad economy and inflation were the top concerns, with respondents blaming Democrat policies for causing the problems. This was followed by concerns that Democrats were bankrupting the Social Security Trust Fund. Issues of abortion and race relations were low on the list of concerns at 5% and 2%, respectively.

In a surprising turn of events, only 2% of American voters said election integrity and equal access to polling places were a priority for them as voters, which could be seen as bad news for Stop The Steal Conspiracy theorists.

In conclusion, with just over a year until the 2024 presidential election, these poll results suggest that Biden and the Democratic Party face an uphill battle to maintain control, especially among independent voters who are likely to be the key to victory. We will keep you updated with more news as it becomes available.

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