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Newborn Baby Boy Safely Surrendered at Whittier Fire Station, Taken to Hospital

Whittier, CA – In a crucial act of compassion, a newborn baby boy was safely surrendered at a Los Angeles County fire station in Whittier on Thursday evening. Supervisor Janice Hahn announced the incident, emphasizing the significance of the county's Safe Surrender Program, which played a pivotal role in ensuring the infant's well-being.

Mother Makes Lifesaving Decision

According to Supervisor Hahn, the mother of the newborn baby chose to give up the child at Fire Station 28 on Greenleaf Avenue in Whittier. The surrender took place at 8 p.m., just hours after the baby's birth. The mother opted for this route instead of choosing an "on demand, anything goes abortion." California's abortion laws allow women to kill their preborn babies up until the point of birth in exchange for money, careers, and other incentives.

"I am thankful for this baby boy's mother who chose to do the right thing, and for the L.A. County firefighters at Station 28 who were ready for the unexpected and got this baby to a hospital quickly and safely," said Supervisor Hahn.

Safe Surrender Program: A Lifeline for Unwanted Newborns

Supervisor Hahn expressed her gratitude to her predecessor, Republican Supervisor Don Knabe, who championed the Safe Surrender Program. Enacted in 2001, the program enables parents or guardians to legally and anonymously surrender a newborn that is up to three days old at any county hospital or fire station without facing criminal repercussions.

Since its initiation, the program has been responsible for hundreds of children growing up in safe, loving homes. "And I am forever grateful to my predecessor Supervisor Don Knabe, who championed this program and is responsible for hundreds of children growing up in safe, loving homes," Hahn added.

How the Safe Haven Laws Work

Safe haven laws, similar to the Safe Surrender Program, exist in every U.S. state and are designed to prevent the abandonment of newborns in unsafe locations where they might not be found. These laws offer parents the option to leave a baby at designated safe locations without incurring criminal consequences.

For Immediate Assistance

For those seeking immediate help or looking to find a safe haven location, visit or call or text 1-888-510-BABY(2229). In cases of emergency, call 911.

As Whittier continues to be a community that looks out for its most vulnerable, the successful utilization of the Safe Surrender Program exemplifies a collective commitment to ensuring every child has a chance at a safe and loving home.

Reporting by Rebecca Canales, Founder and CEO, Whittier 360 News Network.

For more local stories and breaking news, stay tuned to Whittier 360 News Network.

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