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The Washington Post today is reporting that the Democrat's Biden administration plans to impose executive orders that would nationalize the nation's local police departments. Under the proposal local communities would no longer be allowed to set the rules for how their local law enforcement agencies and employees operate. All policies from pay to use of force would be dictated by the federal government.

Advocates say the current system where the states and local governments set the policies proves there are no real standards for law enforcement personnel and that states and cities are just allowing police to do whatever they want without any rules, restrictions or accountability. Opponents say it is just another way for power hungry one worlders to seize and consolidate more absolute power for themselves at the expense of everyone else in the US.

As an example of the how the new order would impact Whittier, DHS would take over direct control of the Whittier Police Department and the City of Whittier and its residents would lose all control over and be prohibited from exercising any local influence on the department which would be required to take all orders from distant power hungry bureaucrats in DC. To clear homeless encampments for example, the agency would first need to wait for permission from the DHS office in Washington DC. A federal spokeswoman for the adminstration said that local communities were not fit to set policies for the law enforcement agencies serving them.

The nationalization efforts are being made in the name of George Floyd. The order will be signed tomorrow at 4pm Eastern Time.

Biden is also expected to sign another nationalization order to impose national standards and set up a federal database of police officers who have abused their positions.

Civil Rights activists said it is better for state legislatures and local governments to handle the issue but that since they had dropped the ball due to COVID 19, that justified the federal government seizing more power for itself.

The new nationalization efforts are likely to face substantial legal challenges and face an uphill climb surviving a challenge at the US Supreme Court due to the fact that many of the moves contained in the order violate the US Constitition's seperation of powers clause.

It follows on Democratic party efforts to nationalize other areas of American life such how elections are run with advocates insisting that the states are nothing more than mere provinces and appendages of the federal government.

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