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The American Nationalist Movement is pushing a pretty big and comprehensive reform of how the state's allocate their electoral votes in light of recent events. The proposal, by the American Nationalist Movement, would make the allocation of those votes fairer, more equitable, and truer to the voices of the electorate.

Under the current system, if your side loses by just 1 vote, then your vote and all other votes on your side are deleted and erased as if you don't exist. In many cases this actually results in some votes being valued and other not being valued. In other words, not votes and not all voters are treated equally or fairly. The one system takes all that many states use is undemocratic and highly discriminatory and has been the number one factor in the increase in violent political extremism, Qanon, the riots at the capital, and even Trump's refusal to concede.

We have a proposal to fix that. We call it the proportional allocation of electoral votes. The Proportional System of Electoral Vote Allocation or PSEVA will fix all those problems, prevent both a second civil and the disintegration of the US. It will also prevent future riots in the capital over electoral votes.

Under the current winner take all system not voters are treated equally or fairly. If the side you vote for loses by just 1 vote for example, your vote is deleted and thrown in the trash and you and others who voted the way you did are too often treated like trash and even fired from your jobs for voting the wrong way by the oppressive majority.

Under our proposal, which would fix all the previously mentioned problems, all votes after the first three would be allocated on the basis of the percentage of the vote that a candidate receives in a particular state. The first three electors would be reserved for the state's popular vote winner.

Because the first three are reserved for the electoral vote winner, we found that states that have only 3 or 4 electoral votes, would still give those votes to the popular vote winner but in states with at least 5 electoral votes, the 5th elector would go the losing side so that they too would be represented in the electoral college, thus assuring them their voices are being heard and their votes are being counted and included which is not the case with the current system. In some cases, third parties would actually pick up an elector here and there.

As an example, we ran a simulation in all 50 states of how this would work. Lets start with how it would have worked in California for the 2020 election. Biden won the popular vote in the state so he would have received 33 plus 3 electoral votes for a total of 36. Trump and his supporters would have won 18 of California's electoral votes thus reflecting the high number of Trump supporters in California and making those Californians less likely to support political extremism because the system would have ensured their votes were counted and not trashed. In other words, California's Trump supporters would be treated more fairly and justly thus deflating efforts to recruit them to violent and extremist causes. In addition, the system would have granted one electoral vote to one of the state's third party candidates thus making sure that those who are supporters of third parties are truly included in the system. It would not have changed the outcome but it would have made it fairer, more equitable, and more just.

In case you are interested, in a big Republican state like Texas, Biden would have won 16 electors and Trump would have won 21 because he won the popular vote there thus getting the first three electoral votes that are set aside for the popular vote winner.

In the future we will post a chart showing how Biden and Trump would have done if the Proportional System was in place in every state during the 2020 election. However we are able to tell you the results of the over all simulation.

We found that under the Proportional System, Biden still would have won but only with 270 electoral votes. Trump would have received 253 electoral votes, and a third party would have won 3 electoral votes. It would have been more reflective of where Americans are today. And it would have been more fair and more equitable. Trump voters would have seen that their voices and their votes truly did matter and truly were equal. As such it would have prevented the January 6th attack on Capital Hill and it would have taken the wind out of conspiracy movements such as Qanon before they could even get off the ground.

As this nation clings to the winner takes all system that trashes the electoral minorities and deletes their voices and their votes, the system will always be unfair and unequal and will continue to be the leading cause of political violence, extremism, and we can expect future conspiracy theories that are worse than Qanon.

If you want to save America, mandating the Proportional System of Electoral Vote Allocation (PSEVA), is the only thing that can accomplish that because all other roads lead only to national ruin.

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