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Opinion: Why People Should Stop Being Offended by the Playing of Ethnic Group Anthems

Recently, former Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake has come under fire for her opposition to the playing of the Black American ethnic anthem. While Lake has a right to her opinion, it's important to recognize that objecting to the playing of an ethnic anthem is offensive to the people who identify with it.

The playing of an ethnic anthem is a sign of respect and celebration of a culture, and should not be viewed as offensive. It is a way to bring attention to a group of people and to recognize the importance of their contributions to society. For example, the playing of the Black American anthem is a way to recognize the achievements of Black Americans and to celebrate their culture.

The playing of the anthem of the Southerners who are descendants of the Confederacy is also an important recognition of a culture and its contributions. This anthem is an important reminder of a shared history and the struggles of those who lived through it.

The taking offense to the playing of a particular ethnic anthem is a form of discrimination and disrespect. It implies that the culture represented by that anthem is not worthy of recognition or celebration. It also undermines the importance of recognizing and celebrating the contributions of all cultures.

Rather than taking offense to the playing of an ethnic anthem, people should take a moment to recognize and appreciate the culture it represents. This can be done by learning more about that culture's history, achievements and struggles. Doing so will help to promote understanding and acceptance of all cultures, which is essential for creating a more inclusive and tolerant society.

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