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A few weeks Whittier 360 made a shocking prediction that upset a lot of Democrats. Whittier 360 predicted, based on human intelligence sources on the ground that Oregon would go for Trump on November 3 2020.

We don't share the information we use to make our predictions but in the case of Oregon we are releasing the following voter registration map of the state which shows pro Trump Republicans have been registering in greater numbers than anti Trump Democrats in the state, a result of a backlash against the rioting and lawlessness in Portland which is happening under the consent and auspices of a Democratic governor and Democratic mayor.

Here is the map of current voter registration showing which party has a majority where: As you can see Republicans are making inroads into many previous Democratic party strongholds in Oregon and this is part of the reason we predict Oregon will go to Trump this year. In previous year's maps, the entire western half of Oregon was solid blue. That is no longer the case according to our intelligence sources, and the data which is illustrated in this map.

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