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La Verne became the 24th city to vote no confidence in the ultra left wing extremist this week bringing the percentage of LA County cities opposed to Gascon's policies to 27.27%. If another 15 cities vote no confidence that would raise the percentage to just a few tenths of a percentage point below the 50% mark which would mean that half of LA opposes Gascon and his policies.

On the recall front, Gascon opponents have so far collected a little more than 5% of the number of signatures they need but their efforts appear to be picking up steam as more and more cities vote no confidence in policies that allow child rapists, cop murderers, drug dealers, and human traffickers to run free through out LA County hunting for new victims with no consequences for their crimes.

Gascon and Newsom, who is also facing recall, aren't the only California politicians facing recall efforts.

Up and down the state, Democrat, Republican and even Independent elected officials are facing recalls with at least 2 Republicans in Orange County facing recall efforts.

In San Francisco, three school board members are being recalled after mandating that schools named after American founders Washington and Jefferson and one named after Lincoln be renamed because, "America is an evil racist empire" while simultaneously saying that Asian Americans didn't belong in America, though they used more coarse language.

Two members of the Los Angeles City Council are facing recalls.

Locally, two Whittier City Councilmembers, Henry Bouchot and Jessica Martinez are both being targeted by those who want to recall them over inserting partisan politics into city business. So far neither effort hasn't gotten anywhere which means that at least for now, both councilmembers are safe. There have been no rallies for either effort though there are online petitions but local officials can't be recalled with online signatures. Only physical signatures on physical paper count for recalls.

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