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According to mainstream media reports, Pfizer today announced it would not be among the nation’s halting shipments of medications and vaccines to Russia despite the fact the company and its employees oppose Russia’s illegal invasion.

The US pharmaceutical giant which was the among the first two companies in the world, outside of Russia, to develop a vaccine for Covid 19, told media that implementing a “voluntary pause in the flow of our medicines to Russia would be in direct violation of our foundational principle of putting patients first.”

In addition to COVID treatments, the company also ships other critical medicines such as those used for treating cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The company said that halting those shipments would result in significant suffering and increased loss of life among the country’s children and elderly populations.

International law experts say that pressure to force pharmaceutical and other medical industry companies to halt shipments of medical treatments to Russia would violate various international laws including the Geneva Conventions. They agreed that international treaties do not allow for vaccines, medicines, or other medical equipment to be sanctioned. Several said there were no exceptions for countries that were parties to armed conflicts.

However, Pfizer did say they would be doing other things to support Ukraine. In a statement it said that any profits it gets from Russian subsidiary would be used to support Ukrainians.

It also said it would halt, for now, plans to build COVID vaccine and other medical manufacturing centers in Russia due to volatility of the situation there. It was also halting clinical trials in Russia. Those trials will be moved outside of Russia. But it will continue to provide treatments to participants of current trials.

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