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According to the most recent data, the City of Whittier hit 101 new infections on Thursday but was quickly replaced by City of Pico Rivera for having the highest number of new infections on Friday. In fact, the City of Whittier saw a significant drop in new cases on Friday. The Whittier Area had a total of 410 new infections on Friday. Whittier 360 is using the term infections to describe those who have tested positive for COVID 19 but who may or may not necessarily have a case of COVID 19. Being positive for the virus does not mean you have COVID 19, it just means you are carrying the virus that causes it in people whose immune system is weaker than your own and we believed it is important now to differentiate between the two.

For those who did have a case of COVID 19, there were 6 deaths in the Whittier Area. Three of those deaths were in South Whittier, 2 were in West Whittier/Los Nietos, and 1 was in the City of La Habra.

Contrary to the claims of a certain crackpot in Georgia who is trying to cancel the Senate election there, Incoming President Joe Biden has rejected calls to use the military and federal law enforcement to impose a national masking mandate that would see federal agents kicking in people's doors to arrest them or seize their property because they were not wearing masks or social distancing. In interviews this weekend, Biden said he would rely on voluntary compliance and would simply ask Americans to voluntarily wear masks and social distance but that he would not do anything to punish them if they did not comply because he did not believe the federal government has the power to do so. At this time the only forcing a mask mandate and shutting down businesses are state and local Democrats who are now threatening to imprison people for not obeying the orders. Sounds like they are out of touch with their own president and with the rest of the country.

The top 5 infections rates:

  1. Pico Rivera- 99 new infections

  2. City of Whittier - 77 new infections

  3. South Whittier- 53 new infections

  4. Hacienda Heights- 38 new infections

  5. West Whittier- 34 new infections

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