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A new Yougov poll found that most Americans, 64%, blamed President Biden and the Democrats for the skyrocketing prices at the gas pump. The poll found that Americans blame Biden for other inflationary factors such as rising food costs and increasing rental costs.

Prices began rising the week after Biden was sworn into office, particularly at the gas pump. However, in recent weeks the Democrats and the administration have sought to scapegoat foreign countries and have made false claims that there was no gas price hikes until after Russia invaded Ukraine. Their supporters on some social media platforms have taken to censoring fact checks of the inaccurate and misinformed statements. The party has also falsely blamed Russia for America's housing crises.

As noted, gas prices across America had actually started to increase the week after Biden's inauguration as President in 2021. Since then many in Whittier have complained that filling their tanks now costs more than a hundred dollars. During the Trump years the cost to fill the tank was less than $60. Today, one person said it took $120 to fill his tanks in Whittier on a recent occasion.

California has always had the nation's highest gas prices.

In recent days Biden has lashed out at oil companies and oil exporting nations such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Venezuela blaming them for the higher prices. But historians and industry experts say that 80% of the reason for the higher gas process in California is the state's gas tax and newly imposed regulations and restrictions which Biden is now imposing by force on the entire nation. California has the world's highest gas tax and less than 15% of the funds raised actually go toward road maintenance or supporting public transportation options. The rest is used to pay for legislator's pet projects like backyard swimming pools for well connected lobbyists or free money to people who entered the US illegally.

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