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Preliminary results from the testing of Johnson & Johnson's COVID 19 vaccine show it is strongly effective against COVID 19 according to an unreviewed report on the medical website, medRxiv.

The study has so far shown the vaccine to be most effective in younger people. Positive results required only one dose, versus two doses required of the vaccines being worked on by other pharmaceutical corporations. The vaccine worked by greatly boosting the body's own immune response to the virus.

The study found the vaccine was less effective in older adults however. The researchers said there was a smaller immune boost for the elderly than for the younger participants in the study.

They said the study has shown the vaccine can be safely used on humans as early as November 1st but that the company wants to run a few more tests on it first to test for demographic differences in response rates.

The new vaccine is being called Ad26.COV2.S according to sources.

In their report that authors wrote, "Our clinical data indicate that Ad26.COV2.S at both dose levels induces a strong neutralizing 325 antibody response in the vast majority of the healthy young adult and older participants."

Read the report at:

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