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The new lockdowns are forcing many resident's of America's most heavily populated areas to die of starvation instead of by COVID 19. In response, more and more people are resorting to outright shoplifting of food and other basic necessities such as toiletries, including toilet paper.

Many are shoplifting to provide food for children and experts say it is becoming are more widespread problem after the government's COVID 19 aid ended. The top items being shoplifted are bread, pasta, and baby formula. In many cases people aren't taking entire loaves but are rather opening them, taking out of couple of slices or a couple of buns in the case of hot dog and hamburger buns, reclosing the package and putting it back on the shelf. If you ever went to the store and bought some bread or buns and found out that part of it was missing, you now know what happened to it before you bought it.

According to the CEO of Aegis, a workplace security firm, "“It’s not a whole lot of people going in, grabbing TVs and running out the front door. It’s a very different kind of crime — it’s people stealing consumables and items associated with children and babies.” The CEO, Jeff Zisner said most of it is people stealing to feed very young children.

Over 12 million Americans now face death by starvation, more than 30 times the number of people who are predicted to be likely to die from COVID 19 in the US by the end of January.

Experts agree that the problem has only one cause: the economic lockdowns that are preventing businesses from open and being able to pay people money so they can buy food for themselves and for any children they have. This is the worst case scenario. In addition to these 12 million, there are another 54 million Americans who are also facing starvation by the end of this month because of the despotic lockdown of businesses and economic activity. That's a 45% increase from 2019 and the biggest increase since the Great Depression.

In comparison with the 12 million number, only a little over 360,000 Americans are predicted to die from COVID 19. Most food programs are running out of resources to help people with.

Those who are the hardest hit are those working lower class minimum wage jobs while those who work in the upper class jobs with high pay over $50,000 a year are largely insulated inside their elitist bubbles. It's no surprise why only the elite are demanding that absolutely everything be shut down, but it is a rather selfish and anti American demand on their part.

The increase in the stealing of food from supermarkets is estimated to have increased at least 60% over last year and the experts say it began with the arrival of the first COVID 19 lockdown. That would be the biggest increase in that kind of shoplifting in the last 50 years.

Most are targeting only the large chain outlets and avoiding smaller businesses because the larger corporations, they think, can absorb the losses better than small businesses can. In response, many supermarkets have hired security, in some cases armed security, in an effort to stop people from stealing food.

And the artificial famine is predicted to get worse under the incoming Biden administration because most elitists and people in government, let alone the general public, have been largely unaware of just how big the problem really is. Because unequal access to resources, many of those impacted by the artificial famine tend to be people of color as well low income Whites.

In response the crises that is created in the artificial famine, President Trump on Friday ordered the FDA to approve the Pfizer vaccine or he would fire the agency's head. Unlike governments in other parts of the world, the FDA and CDC are dragging their asses on the vaccine as some government bureaucrats have sought to delay approval until at least a month after Trump was out of office but faced with loss of their high paid government jobs, the FDA changed its mind and approved the vaccine on Friday which is likely to result in the saving many more lives than would have been saved had Trump allowed the agencies to take until the end of January or early February to approve the vaccines. Trump is likely to issue a similar order to the CDC according to sources.

Which to be honest is nice that Trump is fast tracking the vaccine to save more lives but we now face a much bigger problem that could end up being more lethal that COVID 19.

Here is the COVID 19 data for Friday December 11 2020.

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