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An investigation by Whittier 360 in the campaign finance sources of local school board candidates has uncovered documents showing Rio Hondo College District 1 incumbent Anais Medina recieved 76% of her reelection funds this year from outside of her district and from outside the immediate Rio Hondo College service area.

According to the campaign finance reports available on the Los Angeles County Registrar's website, Medina's campaign recieved only $1,950 from within the district she currently represents and is seeking to continue to representing. That's versus a total of $7,919 total. The top 3 donors are not even located in the immediate Rio Hondo College service area.

A Political Action Committee funded by the Southwest Regional Council of Carpenters called Building A Stronger California is based in the City of Los Angeles. They gave Medina at least $1,000 for her reelection campaign. They at least provided an FPPC number of 870169.

There was no FPPC number for the other big donor, Olivares Madruqa Law Organization LLP which is also based in the City of Los Angeles. They donated a total of $2,000 to the Medina reelection campaign making them the largest funder of the Medina campaign.

Other contributions coming in from outside the district were in small amounts ranging from $100 to $200 as were nearly all the contributions from within the districts.

The contributions by the 3 organizations made 37.88% of all campaign donations to Medina but made up at least half (50%) of all outside contributions to her campaign.

Medina's opponent, David Siegrist, however, has not raised any funds according to his own campaign finance reports. A retired teacher, he loaned his campaign $2,500.

While the reports indicated that Medina has spent about $2,000 for her reelection efforts, Siegrist has yet to spend any of the $2,500 he loaned himself as of the date of the report, September 26 2022.

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