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The entire Whittier Area has just been hit hard by the second wave of the COVID 19 pandemic today. The Whittier Area had a total of 172 new cases today.

Pico Rivera and the City of Whittier were the hardest hit as the wave slammed into the Whittier Area sweeping up dozens of residents from each community in its wake.

There was one death in the Whittier Area that occurred in the City of Santa Fe Springs. There was also a mass increase in infections in communities bordering the Whittier Area causing many of those, such as La Puente to be recategorized as hot red no go zones for Halloween. La Puente for the last couple of days had been in the green zone but was changed to red today due to the high number of new cases there.

The communites with the highest numbers of new infections today were:

  1. City of Pico Rivera: 38 new COVID 19 cases

  2. City of Whittier: 36 new COVID 19 cases

  3. South Whittier: 28 new COVID 19 cases

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos: 18 new COVID 19 cases

  5. City of La Mirada: 15 new COVID 19 cases

  6. Hacienda Heights: 12 new COVID 19 cases

  7. East La Mirada: 7 new COVID 19 cases

  8. City of La Habra: 6 new COVID 19 cases

  9. City of Santa Fe Springs: 4 new COVID 19 cases

  10. East Whittier and North Whittier: 3 new COVID 19 cases each

  11. Rosehills/Spyglass and Avocada Heights: 1 new COVID 19 case each

Today's total number of new cases for the Whittier Area: 172

It is unknown at this time just exactly how many of the new cases were connected to recent incident at Wells Fargo but those numbers are likely to be low at this time.

These numbers a significant test of our ability to use Whittier 360 charts to predict whether COVID 19 numbers will go up or down and in this case the data told us they were about to go up and it appears that unless we hallucinating that is just what they have started to do. It just required determining what the pattern for COVID 19 was and then studying that pattern. At this point the data is telling us to expect the numbers to continue climbing in the next few days.

As to the question that someone asked about the election, if a person who voted dies from COVID 19 or from an auto accident before election day or before their vote is counted, is their vote still valid? Our assumption is that if they were a US citizen and alive at the time they made their election choice on the ballot, then their vote counts even if they die before it gets counted. Speaking of which, the data is regrettably telling us to expect a small increase in COVID deaths sometime after Halloween and Election Day.

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