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Good morning here is your daily COVID 19 report. On Sunday, December 6th there were a record 611 new daily infections in the Whittier Area. Most of the increase was located in just 3 Whittier Area communities: The Cities of Whittier and Pico Rivera and the Unincorporated community of South Whittier as you can see in the COVID 19 trending chart below which has been tracking daily cases since late October.

Regardless of propaganda or talking points, be sure to follow suggestions to shelter in place for the time being and wear a mask if you have to venture out. You should follow this advice especially if you live in any of the three communities leading this new surge. Whittier 360 is using the term "shelter in place" because it is more respectful than just telling people to "shut the fuck and stay home or else" as some socialist fanatics have taken to threatening people leaving their homes. Numbers always supersede opinions and ambitions.

Whittier 360 is not recommending and actually opposing locking people in their homes or using government force to make sure they don't leave their homes. Instead we focus on presenting the data and presenting advice based on the data. Right now that data indicates that it would wise for residents to shelter in place going out only if they need to for things like work or to get food and other necessities or to blow off steam. The latter is why we oppose the government mandate to arrest people for leaving their homes. Such a policy is extremely dangerous because it will only lead to violence and civil war. It is also a non American concept that is not acceptable here in the USA.

If you do have to leave for any reason, remember to wear a mask and when visiting a business, you are legally required to follow their COVID 19 related rules as well as all other rules they, as property/business owners, have for visitors to their business and property. It is a legally enforceable requirement to wear masks inside stores and restaurants if that is a requirement imposed by the business itself. You can be arrested for trespassing if you persist in breaking a business's COVID 19 rules and refusing to leave when they ask. Business owners should not be afraid to enforce their rules. They have a constitutional right to enforce their rules in their own businesses and if they have problems with a customer who refuses to either follow the rules and or refuses to leave, the police will remove them for you. Law Enforcement is not going to enforce the COVID 19 lockdown but they are still enforcing the no trespassing laws.

In response to the new lockdown the Whittier Police Department has announced on its Facebook page that street sweeping in the City of Whittier is being suspended for the next 3 weeks but they are still enforcing the no parking laws for alleys, red curbs, fire hydrants, and preferential parking district laws. But for the next 3 weeks you will no longer need to move your car if you are parked on the street.

You can help bring the numbers down by assuming that you yourself are already carrying the SARS COV 2 virus that could end up spreading to someone whose immune system is weaker than your own and acting accordingly even in your own household. To prevent the virus from building up in your home, keep your windows open at least during the day and keep your fans turned on and positioned such that they suck the violence up toward the ceiling and away from your and your family. This advice applies to businesses as well. Business that choose to remain open should keep doors and windows open because it will allow for a breeze that will prevent your establishment from becoming a place where SARS COV 2 can hang out waiting to infect your next customer which could look bad for you.

The FDA will be voting on Thursday whether to approve the Operation Warp Speed vaccines, including the ones produced by Pfizer and Moderna. OWS is an anti COVID 19 program established by President Trump to combat COVID 19.

And remember the protest for December 19th is against communism, not against masks or sheltering in place.

The top 5 new daily infections by community:

  1. Pico Rivera- 140 new infections

  2. South Whittier- 124 new infections

  3. City of Whittier- 120 new infections

  4. West Whittier/Los Nietos- 46 new infections

  5. Hacienda Heights- 42 new infections

There was only 1 death in the Whittier Area and it was in South Whittier.

The positivity ratio for the Whittier Area was 14% on the 6th of December.

The top 5 positivity ratios:

  1. La Habra Heights- 66.67%

  2. Pellisier Village- 22.34%

  3. Sunrise Village- 20.6%

  4. Avocado Heights- 20.45%

  5. Pico Rivera- 18.3%

For the other two communities that make up most of yesterday's surge:

South Whittier- 18.01%

City of Whittier- 15.08%

The population penetration ratio of the SARS COV 2 virus in most Whittier Area communities is still too small to talk about herd immunity at this time. However it should be noted, as insensitive as it may sound, that the more people who die from the virus the more space and more opportunities open for others who otherwise would not have those new opportunities. SARS COV 2 is certainly changing the course of American and world histories is what we mean. People are finding opportunities they otherwise would never have had access to in the old pre-COVID world. The new world that is emerging from the pandemic for example is a little bit cleaner and little bit more equitable with a more even playing field for everyone. But those changes are coming at a cost in terms of lives and that must not be forgotten. So when you get a job or other opportunity that you would not have had pre COVID, keep in mind that someone paid with their life for you to have that opportunity. If you find the playing field to be more level, remember someone inadvertently payed with their life for you to have that more just and more level playing field. America moves forward only with the voluntary sacrifices of its people via the choices they make that have consequences. Nature is currently trying to restore balance between itself and an out of control humanity. SARS COV 2 will go down in the history books as nature's response to humanity's abuse of the planet. But that does not mean we should go about taking away people's freedoms. What it means is we increase public informational efforts and allow people to make their own informed decisions free of any threat of unconstitutional government coercion.

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