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South Whittier Total Population: 56,415

Hispanic Culture: 45,080 (79.91% of Population) Non-Hispanic Cultures: 11,335 (20.09% of Population)

Whites: 14,781 (26.20%) Hispanic Whites- 7,935 (14.07% of Population) (53.68% of all Whites) Non-Hispanic Whites-6,846 (12.14% of Population) (46.32% of all Whites in South Whittier)

Blacks: 841 (1.49% of Population) AfroLatin- 198 (0.35% of Population) (23.54% of all Blacks in S. Whittier) Non-HIspanic Blacks- 643 (1.14% of Population) (76.46% of all Blacks)

Indigenous North Americans: 1,425 (2.53% of Population) Indigenous to the USA- 139 ( 0.25% of Population) (9.75% of all Indigenous North Americans) Mesoamerican Immigrants to the US- 1,286 (2.28% of Population) (90.25% of all Indigenous North Americans in South Whittier)

Asians: 2,797 (4.99% of Population)

Filipinos and Other Hispanic Asians- 212 (0.38% of Population) (7.58% of all Asians in South Whittier) Non-Hispanic Asians- 2,585 (4.58% of Population) (92.42% of all Asians in South Whittier)

Pacific Islanders: 131 (0.23% of Population) Hon-Hispanic Pacific Islanders- 103 (0.18% of Population) (78.63% of all Pacific Islanders) Spanish West Indies Descent- 28 (0.05% of Population) (21.37% of all Pacific Islanders)

Other: 22,889 (40.57% of Population) Central and South American Immigrants, including Mexicans- 22,659 (40.16% of Population) (99% of all Other) European, Middle Eastern, North African Immigrants- 230 (0.41% of Population) (1% of all Other)

Mulatto: 96 (0.17% of Population) Hispanic Mulatto- 35 (0.06% of Population) (36.46% of all Mulattos in South Whittier) Non-Hispanic Mulatto-61 (0.11% of Population) (63.54% of all Mulattos in South Whittier)

Mixed Whites and Indigenous American: 410 (0.73% of Population) Metis/Mixed Blood-145 (0.26% of Population) (35.37% of all mixed White and Indigenous Americans) Mestizo-265 (0.47% of Population) (64.63% of all Mixed White/Indigenous North American Individuals in South Whittier)

Ethnic American: Minimum-295 (0.52% of Population) Maximum- 1,322 (2.34% of Population)

Californio: 902 (1.6% of Population)

Total Native To US*: 1,711 (3.03% of South Whittier Population) * Uses the average of the Ethnic American estimates plus the estimate for Californios to calculate the percentage of a community's population that was living in the US prior to the nation's establishment. Even when combined, Ethnic Americans and Californios remain a very tiny minority in the Whittier Area with most residents being recent immigrants or the children or grandchildren of immigrants who arrived post 1900.

Immigrant Population: 54,704 Hispanic Share of Immigrant population: 80.76% Hispanic Share of Native Population: 52.72%


Ethnic American is defined by the Census Bureau as a person with ancestry in the Eastern US prior to the ratification of the US Declaration of Independence, going back as far as the late 1500's.

Californio is defined by Merriam Webster as the descendents of Spanish settlers who have lived in California since at least the 1770's and prior.

Mulatto is defined as a person of mixed Black and White parentage/ancestry.

Mestizo, Metis, and Mixed Bloods are the Spanish, French, and English terms for people of Mixed European and Indigenous North American descent with the term being used dependent on the culture. Metis is used for people with French ancestry, Mixed Blood for those with English, Irish, Scottish, German or other European ancestries, and Mestizo is used for those with Spanish ancestry/heritage. When choosing which terms to use it is best to be culturally sensitive and use the term of the person's European heritage unless they tell you otherwise.

Mesoamerican is defined as people indigenous to the southern most part of the North American continent from Central Mexico down into at least the northern triangle of Central America. The differentiation between Central America and North America is genetic, cultural and linguistic only and not based on physical geography. North America is culturally and linguistically English while Central America is Spanish. If you speak English you are North American. If you speak Spanish you are considered Central American. It should be noted that in modern society there are individuals with ancestry from both cultural/linguistic regions.

Spanish West Indies is defined as the Pacific Islands owned by Spain before the Spanish American War and includes islands such as Guam.

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