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Sowana Korean BBQ Set to Ignite Taste Buds in Pico Rivera, Replacing the Beloved Sizzler

By Rebecca Canales,

Founder and CEO of Whittier 360 News Network

Pico Rivera is about to experience a delectable transformation as the iconic Sizzler restaurant ended its long-standing presence in the community during the COVID 19 lockdown. That ending opened the door for an exciting culinary addition - Sowana Korean BBQ. The winds of change are blowing in the heart of the community, and locals are already buzzing with anticipation for this new gastronomic adventure.

The Sizzler establishment on Rosecrans, the last bastion of its kind in the Whittier Area, has held its ground for decades, a testament to the nostalgia it invoked in the hearts of the locals. Its closure marked the end of an era, the culmination of a chapter that began before the 1980s. The quaint surroundings that had embraced the familiar Sizzler logo will soon embrace a new name and a fresh dining concept - Sowana Korean BBQ.

Based on the signage that has been posted outside the establishment, Sowana Korean BBQ appears to be the rightful heir to the legacy left behind by Sizzler. Excitement fills the air as curious passersby catch glimpses of the construction activity within. While there may be a wait of three to five months before the doors open, the promise of tantalizing Korean flavors is enough to keep us eagerly counting down the days.

A quick online search reveals that Sowana Korean BBQ has garnered a reputation for excellence, with glowing reviews from its patrons. One enthusiastic reviewer recounted their experience at a different location: "It was our first time at a meat omakase. The course is 50,000 krw and you do need to order a drink, but it can be non-alcoholic. Our chef spoke English and he made the meal fun by having interesting conversations. All the food tasted good, some cuts were very tender while other cuts were a bit tough. Each cut of meat is cut into two bite-sized pieces. So if you are looking for a nice dining experience, I would definitely recommend Sowana. If you are looking for a big meal, you might be disappointed. Since the chef cooks right in front of you, it feels very intimate." See below for an explanation of the term "meat omakase".

Sowana Korean BBQ is poised to bring a unique blend of flavors and experiences to Pico Rivera. The concept of the chef crafting your meal right before your eyes not only tantalizes the taste buds but also creates an intimate and engaging dining atmosphere. With its other locations already boasting stellar 5-star reviews, locals and visitors alike can look forward to a culinary journey that promises to be unforgettable.

From the cherished history of the beloved Sizzler to the prospect of embracing the new flavors of Sowana Korean BBQ, this transition reflects the diverse and dynamic nature of the city. Stay tuned for updates on the journey of Sowana Korean BBQ as it prepares to become a cherished part of Pico Rivera's culinary landscape.

Editors Note:

For readers who might not be familiar with the term, a "meat omakase" is a unique and engaging dining experience that originates from Japanese cuisine. The term "omakase" itself translates to "I'll leave it to you" or "trust the chef." In the context of a meat omakase, it refers to a meal where the diner entrusts the chef to curate and prepare a sequence of meat-based dishes, showcasing a variety of cuts, flavors, and cooking techniques.

Unlike traditional dining where you might order specific dishes from a menu, a meat omakase is a culinary journey guided by the expertise and creativity of the chef. The chef selects the cuts of meat, prepares them with meticulous attention to detail, and presents them in a sequence that highlights the distinct flavors and textures of each cut. This often involves grilling, searing, and sometimes even marinating the meats to enhance their taste.

During a meat omakase experience, diners can expect to be surprised and delighted by the chef's selections, as each course is carefully crafted to provide a well-rounded and memorable dining adventure. It's an opportunity to explore different cuts of meat, discover new flavors, and appreciate the artistry that goes into creating each dish. The interactive nature of a meat omakase, where the chef may even prepare the dishes right in front of the diners, adds an extra layer of engagement and intimacy to the dining experience.

In summary, a meat omakase is a culinary journey where diners entrust the chef to create a sequence of meat-based dishes that highlight the flavors and textures of various cuts of meat. It's a unique and interactive way to explore and savor different flavors while placing your dining experience in the capable hands of the chef's expertise.

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