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Statement from American Posterity: July 5th 2023

Yesterday, on the most significant day of the American calendar, America's Independence Day, we, the members of American Posterity, comprising individuals of diverse backgrounds with Northwest European, West African, Jewish, and Indigenous American ancestry, feel compelled to address the recent statement made by Ben & Jerry's, one of America's prominent ice cream companies. We express our profound disappointment and find their comments deeply offensive and hostile to the values that America upholds.

Ben & Jerry's tweeted, "This 4th of July, it's high time we recognize that the US exists on stolen Indigenous land and commit to returning it," and posted on their website that "The US was founded on stolen Indigenous land." Furthermore, the company has called for the abolition of the US Constitution and the dissolution of states to return every inch of land to Native American tribes.

As individuals with Native American heritage, we are deeply offended by these statements. We believe that the issue of land ownership in America's history is complex and multifaceted. It cannot be simplified to the notion of stolen land acquired solely through acts of theft. The relationship between North American Indians and Europeans involved wars, land purchases, and trade. Disputes over land sovereignty often arose due to misunderstandings and divergent interpretations of treaties and agreements during land transfers.

While we acknowledge and regret the instances where land was taken through ethnic cleansing and genocide, we must emphasize that this is not the entirety of the story. Our Native American ancestors derived benefits from their participation in the United States, just as they experienced hardships. It is crucial to recognize that Native Americans played a role in facilitating land transfers to European settlers, which the Ben & Jerry's statement fails to acknowledge.

Today, America stands as a great nation because Native Americans and people of European descent share this land and are united as co-citizens. The Ben & Jerry's tweet disregards this reality. The statement they made, calling for the abolition of freedom, equality, and the destruction of the country itself, is deeply concerning. It undermines the values that have allowed America to progress and become a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking freedom and opportunity.

In light of this, American Posterity has chosen to stand in solidarity with those who boycott Ben & Jerry's. We call upon viewers of the Whittier 360 News Network and all Americans who believe in fairness and respect for the values on which our nation was founded to join us in boycotting Ben & Jerry's. We also urge individuals to refrain from supporting businesses that continue to engage in partnerships with Ben & Jerry's until the company issues a sincere apology to all Americans.

We believe in fostering open dialogue, understanding, and respect for our shared history. It is imperative that we recognize the complexity of the past while working together to build a brighter future. As American Posterity, we strive for unity, appreciation of diverse heritages, and the collective pursuit of a better America for all its citizens.

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