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The increase in new COVID 19 cases experienced what may a be temporary weekend reversal, dropping to 152 today. The entire Whittier Area was placed on the Red color alert on the Whittier 360 COVID 19 data table today but individuals communities within the Whittier Area actually experienced at least a temporary drop in color alert coding.

The City of Whittier dropped from the Red color alert to the lower Orange color alert but this may be temporary due to a suspected weekend lag in public data release by Los Angeles County. The numbers for the city had been increasing substantially during the week.

The City of Whittier was not the only community to change color alert levels this week. Other communities also went to Orange COVID 19 alert on the data table. The change from red to orange was made possible because the number of daily new cases actually dropped in Whittier on Sunday November 15 2020 to half of what they were during the last week.

No deaths were reported in the Whittier Area on Sunday.

The communities with Sunday's highest daily new COVID 19 cases:

  1. Pico Rivera - 39 new cases Red (more than 31 new cases)

  2. Hacienda Heights- 23 new cases Orange (15 to 30 new cases)

  3. City of Whittier- 22 new cases Orange

  4. South Whittier- 18 new cases Orange

  5. West Whittier and La Habra - 14 new cases each Yellow for both (5 to 14 new cases)

To get green, a community must have less than 5 new cases for that day.

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