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Today Whittier 360 is moving the hands on its Second Civil War Countdown Clock from their current position of 5 seconds to midnight back a few minutes to 5 minutes to midnight.

The decisions as many people across the ideological spectrum in the US have expressed concern and reservations about the idea that people would resort to some form of violence in response to the election of a candidate they deeply opposed. In some corners of the country, the thought of violent protests and Americans trying to kill each other of who won the presidency appears to be producing a feeling of revulsion. The mood was captured by a photo taken in Folsom California the other when supporters of both Presidential candidates were captured on camera shaking hands in the middle of the street between two large and aggressively opposed crowds.

Indicators are that while there will be mass protests regardless of who wins, we are seeing the first inklings that at least half if not most of the protests will be peaceful and that protesters will act to reign in those in their respective groups who attend with the goal of inciting violence and chaos with the intent to harming America.

The reduction in tensions comes as President Trump finally condemned violent White Supremacist terrorist groups. For of his administration, Trump has been widely panned and attacked for not directly and unequivocally condemning such groups. The condemnation issued by the President this month marks the first time in his tenure that he has done so.

The image below shows the clock as it was just one minute before midnight for most of the year. Last month it moved to just 5 seconds to midnight mean the nation was on edge of the cliff and was about to fall over. The image below shows the current placement of the clock putting the Second American Civil War back a few minutes to 5 minutes to midnight.

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