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The New York Times tonight is reporting that Former President Trump has just announced his intent to seek another term as president. Trump is the first one term president to do so since the late 19th century.

Other outlets quickly picke up on the news. Trump filed presidential paperwork with the FEC in peson.

Speaking from Mar A Lago, Trump told the large assembled crowd, “I am tonight announcing my candidacy for president of the United States."

Trump lost 3 out of the last 4 elections. It is questionable whether he can pull off a 2024 win given this track record.

Trump's announcement comes as his endorsed candidates lost the US Senate and the majority of the governorshps that were up for election this year but still won control of most of the nation's state legislatures, Secetary of State offices (losing only in so called swing states), election boards across the US, and control of the majority of the nation's school boards.

He ignored the advise of his closest advisors not to announce and his family has sent threats to Florida Governor Ron Desantis warning him against trying to take the nomination away from Trump.

Sources report that the Trump campaign is already investigating Desantis personal life looking for connections to crime organizations and any other kind of dirt that can be used against him in a presidential campaign. They say the campaign digging up dirt on Trump's other opponents as well. That's what you call playing dirty in politics.

This writer would be surprised is Trump is still in the lead after the media last week focused exclusively on Trump candidates losing the Senate but ignored the fact they won most of the nation's non Senate elections, including control of the House of Representatives.

The move also applies heavy pressure on the Biden Administration to appoint a special counsel to take over the Trump investigations as the AG's involvement has now been turned into a serious conflict of interest that collides with US laws that deal with presidents investigating their political opponents. It also seriously complicates things for the January 6th Committee which has ignored the law requiring it final report to focus on law enforcement failures to instead a release a report politically attacking Trump.

A unidentified staff member who works at the White House and requested anonymity said that the investigations into Trump "have nothing to do with politics. They are about ensuring that a very evil man is destroyed."

The announcements will have no impact on the state level investigations in New York and Georgia which were two of the 13 Republics that in agreed to merge with the other soverign and independent states in 1789 to form the modern United States of America.

If Trump manages to win the primary he will face Biden as Biden has already said at numerous press breifings that he is running for reelection in 2024 though some mainstream outlets have ignored Biden's statements to that effect. The unwillingness of the media to accept that Biden is seeking another term brings attention to the widespread problem is ageist discrimination in the mainstream media. Since the start of television media, members of the media often find themselves terminated and replaced by much younger people, once they pass a certain age limit for working in media.

Some news channels are well known for discriminating against older employees.

Sources within the Democratic party say that the Democrats are hoping Trump wins because they see him as easier to beat than Desantis. We have been told that some Democratic groups have had discussions of whether to help Trump win the GOP nomination in order to make it much easier for their own nominee to win in 2024. Such a move, while perfectly legal, would certainly be immoral and unethical and could cause Republican groups to start interfering in the Democrat's own primary races. One Republican, when informed of the possibility warned the Democrats, "Don't even think about it." and that there would be "consequences they have never experienced before."

Biden himself expressed interest in a primary fight between Trump and Desantis just before the election.

Sources close to Trump said his campaign would be going back to basics and relying only on his closest advisors similar to what he had in 2016 and less like the massive organization of 2020.

The Trump campaign has already raised $120 million in cash donations meaning the 2024 campaign could end up being the most expensive in US history.

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