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President Trump was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center this afternoon because of COVID 19. He was taken there via Marine One.

The President is described as having mild symptoms of COVID 19. People close to the matter said the President will be spending the next few days at Walter Reed where he will continue to carry out the duties of the President of United States of America.

Sources at the White House said the President was deeply fatigued but otherwise in good spirits. The President's doctor released a statement saying the President had “received a single 8 gram dose of Regeneron’s polyclonal antibody cocktail.”

Officials are describing the trip to Walter Reed as a precautionary measure due to the President's age and prior health condition. The President is slightly over weight according to released medical reports.

The Regeneron treatment is still experimental and is not approved for the general public. That means the President is basically sacrificing himself to see if it will actually work. If it does then it is likely to become more widely available. It's not often we US Presidents or other US politicians allowing themselves to used as guinea pigs in efforts that could lead to saving more lives.

The President had previously said that he and the first lady would be among the first to accept a COVID 19 vaccine when it comes out. That's significant because no other politician in America or elsewhere has ever made that commitment which means Trump is the first to do so. He was saying, basically, he would take the vaccine before other Americans did to prove it was safe.

If the President recovers quickly, then Americans will know that the Regeneron treatment works and if he recovers after taking one of the experimental vaccines that will also prove to Americans that that particular vaccine works.

Scientific reports so far show that Regeneron injections result in reduced symptoms and virual loads of COVID 19.

According to CNBC, Regeneron has confirmed that it gave a single dose of the experimental treatment to the President after the President's doctor's had requested it.

Future campaign events are likely to be held virtually where the President address the crowds remotely according to sources. They said other events will likely be cancelled.

In the event the situation goes south, Vice President Pence would be sworn in a President for the remainder of the term. With the election now only 30 days away, the Constitution requires the state legislatures to tell their delegates how to vote. In 16 states that means that Republican delegates could be ordered by their legislatures to vote for Biden while in the remaining 34 states, Democratic delegates could be ordered to vote for Pence or whoever the GOP decided to replace Trump with. Some states could actually choose to split their votes in such a situation.

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