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In a decisions to refuse to hear a case that sought to ban transgender students in public schools from using the restrooms that match their gender identity, a very conservative US Supreme Court, often called Trump's Supreme Court these days, has de facto upheld the right of public school transgender students to use the restroom that matches with their gender identity.

In the unsigned decision, the court rejected the argument that the policy in an Oregon public school district violated the privacy rights of non transgender students in the district. Basically they refused to hear the case which allows the lower court decision against the appellants to stand. The appellants had sought to ban transgender students from public schools bathrooms.

The ACLU said that the decision by Trump's Supreme Court confirmed that transgender students were not sexual predators and were not a threat to any of the other students in the Oregon public school district.

The lawsuit was filed by anti trans parents in Oregon's Dallas School District who claimed that the policy violated their children's privacy rights and Title IX protections for biological or at birth females by exposing them to the threat of being raped or otherwise assaulted in the district's restrooms. Talk about paranoia.

The parents' attempts to invoke religious freedom were also rejected on the grounds that the policy affected a public school district not a church or other privately owned school. The first amendment requires public schools to avoid policies that favor or disfavor any particular religion.

The student that was originally the center of the lawsuit had already graduated years ago.

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