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Welcome back to the Whittier 360 News Network! We're very happy you are here!

We've developed new and separate segments which you can see in the list below so you can skip what you don't want to see and just go to the stuff you are most interested in. Kind of like an old fashioned buffet. When was the last time you seen one of those?


  1. National and State Politics

  2. Local Politics including county, school district, water district and city level.

  3. Sports

  4. Culture

  5. Economics and Finance

  6. History

  7. Religion and Philosophy

  8. Restaurant Reviews

  9. COVID 19 and Healthcare

  10. Editor's Opinions-Native American Perspective

  11. Editor's Opinions- Immigrant Perspective

  12. Political Endorsements

  13. Commercial Endorsements (What stores, restaurants, and other local businesses we recommend)

  14. Anthems of the Month

  15. 2020 Census Demographics Analysis

Some of the segments are still in development so you may temporarily see more of some than others but you can always choose to skip those until your preferred segment is ready or has something new.

Our current focus on the analysis 2020 Census data for local communities but there will be plenty of other stuff in the future.

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