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A new version of COVID 19 that seems to target White North European people almost exclusively, according to claims, is causing mass panic all over Europe and other countries around the world where Whites are the majority of the population.

The new version of COVID 19 is being called B.1.1.7. The B stands for British SARS COV 2. British COVID as it is being called on the streets, has a faster spread rate than the original SARS COV 2 virus.

Here is what you need to know about the new British COVID.

Viruses mute all the time but most of the time, those mutations don't change how they behave and usually don't change their susceptibility to treatment or vaccinations.

Scientists are actually not sure how fast the British variant is spreading or whether it is specifically targeting White people exclusively. It may be appearing to target mostly White people because the UK's population is 98% White. They are saying that British COVID appears to more contagious than regular COVID. But others are saying the increased transmission may actually be due to human behavior during the holiday season with people ignoring instructions to stay home and wear masks. Studies have shown that Whites have refused to wear masks or social distance at much greater rates than non Whites. One showed that 72% of the time when a someone was refusing to wear mask, the person was identified as White.

They still don't know yet if the symptoms of British COVID are worse than those of regular COVID 19.

Chinese COVID is the original version of the SARS COV 2 virus but is often referred to as COVID 19. Both versions of the virus appear to cause the same disease and it is not known whether one is worse than the other.

It is being reported that the two American vaccines work against both versions of COVID but both Pfizer and Moderna are running tests to make sure.

The main concern among European officials is that British COVID has more than 10 times more mutations than any other version of the SARS COV 2 virus, some of which are making it immune to the bodies' own antibodies.

British COVID appears to have some similarities with South African COVID. While it has spread outside the UK, the British version of COVID 19 has not been found in the US yet.

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