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According the foreign owned main stream media and foreign owned social media platforms such Facebook, the Electoral College currently stands at 306 for Biden and 232 for Trump. However, those are not official numbers from the US government. At least not yet. Because of this fact, the election is actually not over yet. It's not officially over until ever single vote has been counted and several states that have been called for Biden are actually still counting and at least two have announced they will be doing hand recounts.

This afternoon, the Trump campaign conceded Arizona to Biden by dropping its lawsuits in that state. But given the fact that due to currently ongoing counts and recounts, the official electoral college is far different from what foreign controlled media sources, including both CNN and Facebook, claim they are.

The official tally is 232 electoral votes for Biden and 233 electoral votes for Trump. Right now everything looks like it is strongly destined to go Biden's way and it will take a miracle for Trump to overcome current trends.

The map marks all states where counting is still ongoing and where recounts are happening in brown.

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