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Summary Finding: False

Democrats and immigrants have been citing a misleading number from the census bureau as part of an effort to unjustly disenfranchise White majority states. They justify their effort on the basis of the claim that "Whites make up only 59% of America". This claim is false and using it to determine the primary false will lead to a racist injustice and the unconstitutional disenfranchisement of the people who created this country so that immigrants who have only been here for 40 years at most can have absolute power over the entire country.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind, the primary one of which is that the Census counts everyone in the US, not just Americans. This is important because simply being present on our soil does not automatically make people American. Even having legal permanent residency does not make people American.

There are only two ways you can be considered American. The first is by citizenship and the second is by ethnicity. The US Census has not yet added an American ethnic group just like it has not added a Mexican ethnic group either. Those exclusions are based exclusively on politics, not history nor on any other facts. On the citizenship front, the US census actually used to collect citizenship information but stopped in 1965 when immigration was opened up to Non Whites for the first time in history. President Trump attempted to add it back to the census during his administration but was prevented from doing so by immigrants and Democrats who rely on campaign funding from immigrants for all of their election wins.

So the percentages we see in the census are percentages of everyone in the US, they are not percentages of the American people. The American people does not include non citizens.

Next we need to point out that 2020 census data is the most unreliable in American history and this is because of a number of innocent factors. The biggest factors were the COVID 19 pandemic which prevented many people from participating. We also know that the census was placed under extreme pressure to do a rush job due to illegal political interference from both the Trump administration and the Democrat controlled Congress. There was also the factor of fear that was also epidemic at the time. The eastern states had fallen so far behind in their counts that Californians of color were sent to the midwest and south to conduct and finish the census work in those White majority states. This was the first time that Californians had seen so many White people in one place. Most Californians have never visited any place outside of California so California residents are used to only places with Non White majorities. Going to a White majority part of the US was a huge culture shock for them. And many of the Whites who were visited were fearful because of COVID 19 and slammed the doors in the faces of these workers according to first hand reports from the workers themselves. In some cases, the residents said they were not willing to talk to people working for the government and other cases, doors were closed due to misunderstandings. The end result was a massive undercount of America's White population due to lack of participation from Whites for a variety of reasons. And it was not only Whites being undercounted. The Hispanic population of California was undercounted. And so were other groups.

Not only were groups undercounted but the Census chose to deliberately manipulate and falsify much of the data in the name of protecting the non existent privacy rights of every one out of every 10 million US residents. All of this information means we are dealing with very unreliable data when we base our decisions on the 2020 census. The drawing of districts on the basis of the falsified and unreliable data is what led to all of the close elections last month, because state legislatures and even redistricting commissions were literally drawing the districts with blindfolds placed over their eyes. That means that blind redistricting leads to more competitive elections but that is a different topic.

We go back to a previous point about what if the census data was high quality, very reliable and not impacted by politics or pandemics? In that case we have to remember it is still only a picture of all people, Americans and Non Americans, present in the US. So 59% of the US population is not 59% of Americans and it certainly does not equate to 59% of American voters. But lets look at the number itself.

The number, which often cited by America haters, is false and misleading. According to the US Census, the White share of the US population is actually 76% as seen in the screenshot below. That means 76% of all US residents are White alone. That does not include Mixed Race Whites. When we include Mixed Race Whites, the percentage of the population that is at least half White is 80% or 79% to be more precise.

So where does the 59% figure come from? It comes from the Hispanic vs Non Hispanic numbers. What the data shows is that 59% of the US population are White people with no Hispanic heritage. That does not mean that Whites are only 59% of the population. With regard to this figure, people have falsely claimed that Hispanic means Non European. But the fact is that the Spanish are a European ethnic group. Most Hispanics are majority Spanish which in turn means that Hispanic is mostly a European ethnic group. So what we are seeing in the data is that the Hispanic share of the White population and the total US population is growing, not that the White population of America is declining rapidly. Nor does it mean that Whites make up only half of America. People of color still make up less than 24% of the entire population of the US . That does not entitle them to absolute control of the entire country nor does it entitle to them being first line for the nominations of our presidential candidates.

Now determining the exact percentage of US citizens and Ethnic Americans that are White requires other data not currently readily available. But the fact is that Whites make even larger portions of both of those than they do of the population as a whole. the majority of Ethnic Americans for example either identify as White alone or as Mixed Race Whites. The percentage of Ethnic Americans identifying as White could be as high as 65% to 70%. Whites also make up a majority of US citizens and the majority of voters. The exact numbers would require looking at data for each individual state because while they are majority is more than 80% of all US states, there are still a couple of states where there is no White majority.

Because of this, the effort to kick Iowa and other White majority states out of the Democrat's nominating process is not only illegal but is a racist anti American injustice that is based exclusively on manipulated and false information and false claims.

As such we rate the claim that Whites only make 59% of all Americans to be 100% false and actions that are based on it are 100% unjust and 100% anti American.

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