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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Due to several crises situations facing the Whittier Area, we at Whittier 360 do not believe now is the right time to change any of the captains of Whittier area ships.

Our local elected leaders have excelled in their collective leadership through the current COVID 19 pandemic, the recent mass protests and riots, as well as a severe economic decline and serious questions about how to return students to school. Regardless of their individual party affiliation and personal ideologies, the experience they have acquired through these troubling times is of a huge value that cannot be easily replaced. That experience and the great leadership they have provided in helping to keep Whittier Area COVID 19 deaths and hospitalizations much lower than the rest LA County, as well as the state and federal levels tells us that it would be the best decision to keep these leaders where they are.

Often it is these kinds of times that truly test the character of our community leaders in America. Our leaders, all of them from City Council to School Board have passed that test with flying colors.

It was not just the elected officials who have passed the test, the challengers also helped in the different little things they did. From making sure locals had personal protective equipment to the distribution of food to those families that needed it.

If you believe that the incumbents in your community have done a good job of helping to steer Whittier through all of the recent crises, you should vote to keep them on board, that is what we are going to be doing.

In this spirit, Whittier 360 officially endorses both Timothy Schneider and Cecilia Perez for new terms on their respective school boards. Timothy Schneider currently serves on the Whittier Union High School District Board of Governors representing area 2. Cecilia Perez is currently the President of the Whittier City School District Board of Governors. Both have done extremely well with helping their communities adapt and get through the crises facing them, especially in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic and that counts more than party affiliation or any other issue that might have been facing the districts prior to all the recent stuff that happened this year.

We are also endorsing Vera Robles Dewitt for another term as member of the Board of Directors Division 5 which includes Whittier. We endorse her for the same reasons we are endorsing Schneider and Perez. You change captains in the middle of a crises.

If you want your communities to continue to do well through this crises and you believe this is the wrong time to rock the boat, the best you can do for your community is to return these two to their respective school boards.

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