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Whittier 360 has weighed the candidates for Los Angeles County District Attorney and we have concluded that the best choice is still Jackie Lacey.

This endorsement is because of Lacey's record and her strong commitment to America while her opponent and his supporters have done nothing but demonize America and denigrate native Americans.

Let's look at Lacey's record. Jackie Lacey, for those who don't know because they haven't paid any attention to elections until just this year and they only started doing so cause of the George Floyd protests, Jackie Lacey is the first Black woman to serve as district attorney and reelection would give her a second term if people believe she did a good job in her first.

During Lacey's term, she has lead the way on improving access to mental health programs since 2012. That is long before the recent public attention to the issue. She has spent her time in office seeking to divert those with mental health issues from the counties jails and prisons and into facilities where they can get help for their mental illness.

She fought human trafficking in the county and led a 60% drop in the trafficking of women and children in Los Angeles County by leading a crackdown on traffickers who had been allowed by politicians to hide in plain site.

There have been greatly reduced incidents of senior citizens being defrauded as Lacey has cracked down on the abuse and defrauding of seniors that her predecessors had allowed.

She has led the fight to eliminate privately owned prisons and has worked to abolish cash bail requirements because those requirements are racially discriminatory.

Lacey has cracked down on those who fraudulently prey upon unassuming and law abiding immigrants.

She has gone after heavy and unrepentant polluters.

If you are not aware of these initiatives you can start here:

She has worked to protect immigrants from fraud and abuse:

Lacey has also led the effort to protect the homeless from being falsely accused of crimese they did not commit and to improve police interactions with the homeless.

Kissing the rears of people who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground, both Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles and Congressman Adam Schiff have rescinded their endorsements of her, giving into misinformed activists who falsely claimed she was responsible for racism in LA County and that she was abusive toward immigrants. As you can see from her actual record, which is proven by the links provided, none of the charges against her are true but are actually fraudulent and intended to rig the election via the use of slander and libel.

Jackie Lacey was born and raised in Los Angeles County, specifically in Crenshaw.

Her opponent George Gascon is an immigrant from Cuba. In the 70's Gascon was an LAPD officer for 3 years. He has served with the LAPD in a reserve and active capacity until 2002 or 24 years. He created the LAPD's first ethics training manual. During his time as Assistant Chief of LAPD, violent crime in Los Angeles dropped.

Gascon served as chief of police in both Mesa Arizona and in San Francisco. In both places, he focused on protecting immigrants who committed crimes from being prosecuted for those crimes.

Both Lacey and Gascon have worked to end the monetary bail requirement but Lacey is the leader on that particular issue, having been working on it since 2011 while Gascon just picked it up as a pet issue because he is running for office.

Studies have show that during Gacon's time as San Francisco District Attorney, crime in San Francisco sky rocketed 49%. Murders and rapes went up during Gascon's tenure when he refused to prosecute child rapists.

The Mayor of San Francisco and the City Attorney for San Francisco have both refused to endorse Gascon because he refused to prosecute any crimes while he was in San Francisco.

Gascon is the primary author of Prop 4 which turned all felonies into misdemeanors and led to hardened criminals being released on to the streets to seek out more victims.

In 2013, Gascon wrote an Op-Ed that called for abolishing the second amendment.

Because of these facts, Whittier 360 officially endorses Jackie Lacey for Los Angeles District Attorney.

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